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Seal-Free Pressure Transmitters

High precision vacuum pressure transmitter without leak paths.
Models SFP32CA / SFP32WA / SFP33CA / SFP33WA

Measuring pressure in high-purity fluids can be accomplished without worry of contamination thanks to seal-free pressure (SFP) transmitters from Brooks Instrument. Unlike competitive transmitters, the SFP design employs a single-piece, injection-molded perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) sensing chamber and a thick, PFA diaphragm. Consequently, the only fluid-wetted surface material is PFA, which virtually eliminates the possibility of fluid contamination. The pressure sensor is sealed without elastomers, removing fluid leak paths that could admit impurities.


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SF Pressure Series Data Sheet


  • Wetted surface materials: Injection molded PFA plastic creates a smooth surface to insure fluid purity
  • Pressure range: 0 to 150 psig
  • Applicable for ultra-pure water (Model SFP33WA flow-through, Model SPF32WA single-ended)
  • Applicable for chemicals, acids and bases (Model SFF33CA flow-through, Model SFP32 CA single-ended)
  • Corrosion-resistant, precise ceramic pressure sensor
  • All PFA flow path
  • Integrated vapor leak indicator
  • Withstands sub-atmospheric process conditions
  • Temperature-compensated output
  • Voltage and current electrical signals available


  • No-seal design eliminates sources of fluid contamination
  • Various pressure ranges and process connections provide flexibility to meet process requirements
  • Extremely strong sensor/PFA bond prevents vacuum pressure transmitter damage when exposed to a vacuum
  • Eliminates elastomers as a possible contamination source in ultrapure fluids
  • Eliminates fluid leak paths to the outside that could admit impurities
  • Externally accessible zero and span adjustments can adjust the sensor after installation to compensate for mounting and environmental factors


  • Thin-film processes
  • Chemical and petrochemical research
  • Laboratory and analytical projects
  • Fuel cells
  • Life sciences
Product Type

Pressure Transmitters (electronic)

Single piece design, No seal
Pressure Range

0-60 psi - 0-150 psi*

*150 psi and 145 psi ranges are available only in the Ultrapure Water Models 32 WA and 33 WA.

±1% full scale includes linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
Temperature Range
15 - 40°C (59 - 104°F) Compensated
Temperature Drift
±0.3% full scale per degree C
Materials of Construction

Process Wetted: High purity perfluoroalkoxy PFA plastic

       Electrical Enclosure: PolypropylenePressure

                            Sensor: AL2O3

Fluid Processed

Ultrapure Water (WA)

Ultrapure Chemicals, Acids & Bases (CA)

Analog Communication
24 Vdc for current output; 12 - 24 Vdc for voltage output

IP55 Equivalent

Meets CE Standards

Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC as Sound Engineering Standard

Directive 89/336/EEC
Environmental Compliance

RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)

REACH Directive EC 1907/2006

Fluid Processed

Ultra-pure chemicals, acids & bases (CA)

Ultra-pure water (WA)

Ultra-pure chemicals, acids & bases (CA)

Ultra-pure water (WA)

Pressure Range Vacuum - 4,000 psi Vacuum - 4,000 psi Vacuum - 4,000 psi Vacuum - 4,000 psi
Design Single-ended Single-ended Flow-through Flow-through
Output Type Analog voltage or current Analog voltage or current Analog voltage or current Analog voltage or current
FilenameFile TypeDocuments By Language
Data Sheet pdf English
Installation & Operation Manual pdf English