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Semiconductor Products

Absolute precision and control. For the world’s most demanding industry.

Precise and repeatable process control: It is the fundamental driving factor when manufacturing electronics and semiconductor products. As each successive generation of tools, processes and nodes have been developed and deployed, the extreme, ultra-high performance requirements and demand for constant innovation and improvements in semiconductor flow and pressure instrumentation has – and continues to be – non-stop.

Brooks Instrument semiconductor products deliver on those requirements, with the industry’s most advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery solutions. Our portfolio of semiconductor products is built on our decades of experience creating many of the groundbreaking measurement and control devices that are now standard components of process tools at every level of the industry.

And when you choose Brooks Instrument semiconductor products, you also choose the unique insight and resources that only we bring to solving fundamental FEOL and BEOL process and yield challenges: 

  • Expertise: Leading semiconductor tool builders look to Brooks’ people for their proven expertise and insight into refining our flow and pressure measurement and control technology to match unique process gas, chamber matching and throughput challenges.
  • Precision: Brooks offers customers the most appropriate, application-specific level of accuracy, durability, and most importantly, repeatability in the semiconductor products we offer to help manage skyrocketing tool costs. We constantly invest to improve our portfolio, so each device contributes to improved process control, which ultimately translates into productivity and yield.
  • Reliability: Brooks’ semiconductor products are engineered with the highest quality steels and alloys, high-performance digital electronics and patented sensor designs to deliver decades of accurate, repeatable measurement and control, especially when interacting with exotic process gases.
  • Focus: Brooks has a unique focus on flow and pressure measurement and control, with a growing service capability and global footprint to enable faster response to instrument issues and better life cycle support for the semiconductor products we offer.
  • Support: We are supportive, providing applications expertise, custom metering configurations, service and assistance in selecting semiconductor products.