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Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

mass flow, control technology, long term stability, process gas measurement, control accuracy, research and development, bioreactors, fermenters, filtration skids and fill and finish applications

Life Sciences, specifically biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, require reliable and accurate instrumentation to maximize yields and control costs. Our mass flow and pressure control technology with superior long-term stability enables repeatability to ensure delivery of the absolute best actual process gas measurement and control accuracy in R&D, bioreactors, fermenters, filtration skids and fill and finish applications.

White paper: Using digital MFC diagnostic capabilities to improve bioprocessing results

Learn more about how our digital mass flow controllers (MFCs) are engineered to gather and communicate bioreactor gas delivery process data, as well as practical ways to utilize MFC data to improve process control, system uptime, maintenance and bioprocessing yields.

MFC bioprocessing white paper

Video: Mass Flow Controllers Engineered Specifically for Bioprocessing

Discover how the SLA Series Biotech mass flow controllers (MFCs), with four pre-calibrated multi-gas pages, high turndown ratio of 250:1, support for Ethernet/IP and PROFINET digital protocols and advanced diagnostics and alarm capabilities help bioprocessing operations maximize bioreactor uptime and productivity.

Bioreactors Rely on Mass Flow Controllers to Maintain a Controlled Environment in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Today’s biopharmaceuticals are revolutionizing healthcare. Drugs used to treat complex cancers or chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis are offering new hope for decades-old problems.

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Mass Flow Controllers Deliver Precise Gas Flows to Produce Cell-Cultured Meat

To meet the world’s growing demand for food, the biotech industry is supplementing the global food supply by producing cell-cultured meat. The production of cell-cultured meat is an exact science that requires precise control of gases to create a cultivating environment in a bioreactor or fermenter.

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Highly Reliable and Accurate Coriolis Flow Meter Controller for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Injection

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer of extruders, pumps, machine tools and turbine components needed a more accurate means to measure and control carbon dioxide injection into their Twin Screw pharmaceutical extruder.

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