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GP200 Series
Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers

All of the performance.
None of the limitations.

Reduced Measurement Uncertainty

Integrated ΔP Sensor Assembly

Suitable for All Process Conditions

Laminar Flow Element

Precise & Repeatable Gas Delivery

Downstream Valve Architecture

100x Improvement in Valve Leak-by

Engineered PCTFE Sealing Surface

One true differential pressure sensor. Superior flow measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Traditional pressure-based MFCs use two absolute pressure sensors to compute pressure drop. GP200 Series uses a novel sensor approach – an integrated assembly of one absolute pressure sensor in tandem with a true differential pressure (ΔP) sensor.

  • Eliminates the need to hold matched calibration and temperature compensation across two separate absolute pressure sensors
  • Prevents uncontrolled drifts and flow inaccuracies
  • Enables superior long-term stability

All pressures, all gases, all processes.

Traditional pressure-based MFCs require high inlet pressures to operate. Not GP200 Series - the laminar flow element was designed for low pressure drop, and the differential pressure sensor is optimally ranged, enabling accurate flow measurement of challenging low vapor pressure process gases used in semiconductor manufacturing.

This exclusive architecture makes GP200 Series a universal P-MFC solution suitable for both standard pressure and critical low vapor pressure gases, ensuring accuracy and repeatability under all operating conditions.

  • 35 psia is the typical inlet pressure specification for GP200 Series but can be configured either higher or lower depending on your specific application
  • Designed to support critical low-pressure process gases including:
    • BCl3
    • C4F6-q
    • C4F8
    • SiCl4
  • Cross Talk Insensitive ≤ ±1% of set point up to 40 psi/sec inlet pressure spikes

2.5X Faster Flow Stabilization for Increased Wafer Throughput.

Ultra-fast, Highly Repeatable Response for Both Ascending and Descending Flow Stabilization Time With No Long Bleed-down Time Delays

GP200 Series is unaffected by varying back-pressures from pulsed gas injection, mixing manifolds and flow splitter sub-assemblies. The exclusive downstream valve architecture allows error to be independent of downstream pressure by isolating the laminar flow element and ΔP sensor from downstream cross-talk (pressure variations), enabling flow delivery into downstream pressures as high as 1200 Torr.

With no variable internal volume of gas to deplete, the downstream valve enables rapid shutdown and switching of recipe set points for pulsed gas delivery. Transient variations can lead to film thickness variations as well as electrical variations.

The matched transient response with fast step-down response removes long bleed-down time delays when transitioning to low-flow set points (removes “tail effects”).

Zero leak-by control valve eliminates first wafer effect.

When a gas leak-by occurs across the MFC control valve, it causes unwanted pressure buildup at the downstream pneumatic isolation valve, resulting in the formation of a trapped volume of gas.

When a new recipe sequence is initiated, this trapped volume of gas goes into the process chamber, causing non-uniformities and Critical Dimension (CD) defects on the first wafer, known as first wafer effect. Process engineers avoid the first wafer effect by either running a dummy wafer or diverting the flow into exhaust prior to processing the wafers.

An optional zero leak-by control valve with an engineered PCTFE sealing surface delivers improved valve shutdown to eliminate first wafer effects:

  • <0.005% FS for bins 42-46
  • <0.02% FS for bins 40-41


A New Differential Pressure Sensor Based MFC for Advanced Semiconductor Processing

Learn how use of a differential pressure sensor instead of discrete pressure sensors combined with locating the control valve downstream of the laminar flow element in the new GP200 Series P-MFC delivers obvious advantages in flow measurement accuracy and repeatability over traditional P-MFCs.

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What makes GP200 Series unique vs conventional P-MFCs?

See how the unique design approach of GP200 Series extends the use of P-MFCs to CVD processes.

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