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PC100 Series Metal Sealed Pressure Controllers

Accuracy under pressure. Precision under control.
Models PC115 / PC125

The PC100 Series pressure controllers and meters combine a host of high-performance technology features to deliver a new level of pressure control accuracy and reliability to demanding semiconductor, vapor deposition and other ultra-precise manufacturing processes.

Built on the proven Brooks GF100 mass flow controller technology, the PC100 Series features a high-purity all-metal flow path, enhanced sensor technology engineered specifically to eliminate sensor drift and a user interface and device diagnostics capability that makes it much easier to conduct device evaluation and troubleshooting, resulting in limited service interruption and reduced downtime.


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PC100 Series Data Sheet


  • Response time: <1 second
  • Full-scale flow rates up to 10 slm
  • Transducer pressure range: 1000 Torr FS
  • All-metal seal flow path: 5µ inch Ra surface finish
  • PC125 with embedded flow meter includes a highly corrosion-resistant Hastelloy® C-22 flow sensor combined with high-speed ARM processor
  • Fast-acting diaphragm-free valve assembly
  • High-visibility LCD display with easily accessible push button for local indication of flow, temperature and network address
  • Independent diagnostic/service port
  • DeviceNet™ protocol


  • High-performance components enable fast response and setting time for improved pressure control
  • Reduced diverted gas consumption and associated abatement costs
  • All metal, corrosion resistant SEMI F20 compliant wetted flow path with overall reduced surface area and un-swept volumes ensures faster dry-down during purge steps
  • Long-term thermal or pressure sensor device stability maximizes yield and throughput
  • User-programmable start-up function for processes requiring a slow-ramped pressure control


  • Semiconductor advanced etch tools
  • Thin-film chemical vapor deposition systems (CVD, MOCVD, PECVD, ALD)
  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems


Product Type
Pressure Controller

Control Mode: Downstream or Upstream

Ultra-High Purity

Digital Pressure Control

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

10 slm (N2 or H2 only)


Pressure Reading: ± 1% of reading

Pressure Control: ± 0.2% of F.S. <10% F.S.; ± 1% of reading >10% to 100% F.S.

Flow Reading: ± 0.35% of F.S. 2-35% F.S. ; ± 1% of reading >35% F.S


< ±0.2% F.S.

Flow Temperature Coefficient

Zero: < 0.05% F.S./°C

Span: < 0.08% of reading/°C

Max Pressure

1000 Torr FS

Pressure Control Range

> 2 to 100%

Response Time

< 1 sec typ. (excluding system time constant)

Temperature Range
10 - 50°C
Leak Integrity

External: 1 x 10-10 atm scc/sec He max

Seal Material
Level of Purity / Surface Finish

5 µ inch Ra

Wetted Materials

SEMI F20 HP Compliant


Hastelloy C-22

316L Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel

Valve Options

Normally Closed

Diagnostic Capability

Analog Communication

Digital Communication


RS485 L-Protocol

Electrical Connection

DeviceNet™ via 5-Pin "M12" Connector

RS485/Analog via 9-Pin "D" Connector

Power Supply / Consumption

DeviceNet™: 545 mA max @ +11-25 Vdc, 250 mA max @ 24 Vdc

Analog/RS485 L-Protocol: 6 Watts max @ ±15 Vdc ( ±10%) or +24 Vdc ( ±10%)


EC Directive 2014/30/EU

CE: EN61326-1: 2013

Environmental Compliance

RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)

REACH Directive EC 1907/2006

PC115 PC125

Control Mode: Downstream and Upstream

Embedded Thermal Flow Sensor: No

Control Mode: Downstream

Embedded Thermal Flow Sensor: Yes

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

20 sccm - 5 slm (N2 and H2 only)

10 slm (N2 and H2 only)

Pressure Control Range

Downstream: >2 to 100%

Upstream: >15 to 100%*

*Assuming hard vacuum on the outlet and 150 Torr min DP to achieve max flow

>2 to 100%

Max Pressure

Transducer Pressure Range: 1000 Torr F.S.

Transducer Over Pressure Limit: 2 x F.S. range

Transducer Pressure Range: 1000 Torr F.S.

Transducer Over Pressure Limit: 2 x F.S. range

Seal Material

Metal Seal

Metal Seal

Electrical Connection

DeviceNet™ via 5-Pin "M12" Connector

RS485/Analog via 9-Pin "D" Connector

DeviceNet™ via 5-Pin "M12" Connector

Filename File Type Documents By Language
Data Sheet pdf English
Installation & Operation Manual pdf English
DeviceNet™ Supplemental Manual - PC100 pdf English
RS485 L Supplemental Manual - PC100 pdf English
CE EU Declaration of Conformity Certificate pdf English
0250 Series
Controls and powers up to 4 devices
Brooks Expert Support Tool (BEST)
A Windows™ based application providing expanded control of Brooks Instrument MFCs and Pressure Controllers.