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Cylinder Scales

Accurately measures remaining mass of liquid or gas for maximum use.

Unmonitored supply vessels can run dry leading to potentially expensive process upsets. However, monitoring based on time rather than by vessel weight increases the risk of not using valuable chemicals. Gauges are often used to monitor weight but may not read the remaining mass of liquid or gas in the supply vessel when it's low. Brooks Instrument Cylinder Scales solve this challenge by continuously monitoring cylinder mass ensuring maximum chemical depletion.

Key Applications

  • Gas and chemical delivery systems


GCS400 Series
GCS400 Series
Product Type

Low Profile Cylinder Scale


Single Sealed Load Cell

Materials of Construction

Stainless steel platform, base and sealed load cell

Rubber shock pads

Double-shielded cable for increased RFI protection

Capacity 60, 100 or 300 lbs
Linearity +/-0.1% Full Scale
Repeatability +/-0.1% Full Scale
Zero Stability +/-0.1% Full Scale per 30 days
Input / Output

24 Vdc nominal, 11 to 30 Vdc

GCS404: 4 - 20 mA

GCS405: 0 to 5 Vdc