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High Temperature Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Highest-purity flow path for challenging high-temperature applications.

Many of today’s advanced electronic device fabrication processes require extremely accurate and highly repeatable measurement and control of expensive ultra-pure gases and liquid precursors. Brooks Instrument meets those needs with our high temperature metal sealed thermal mass flow meters and controllers. Precise chemistry control is achieved through the combination of ultra-stable, highly accurate measurement sensors, fast precision control valves and powerful digital electronics. Purity of the process chemistry is ensured by our high-integrity (leak tight), ultra-high purity, all-metal wetted flow path, designed to keep outside contaminants like moisture and oxygen from corrupting the process media.

Key Applications

  • Optical fiber manufacturing for high temperature flow meters - MCVD
  • Silicon semiconductor device fabrication processes
    • CVD (precursor delivery in vapor form)
    • Strip (water vapor)
    • Etch (water vapor for passivation)


5850EMH Series
5850EMH Series
9861 Series
9861 Series
Product Type Mass Flow Controller Mass Flow Controller

Highest Flow Range

Proven, reliable technology

Highest Flow Accuracy

Highest Operating Temperature

Digital Communication

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity) 100 slm (N2 equivalent) 10 slm (N2 equivalent)
Seal Material Metal Metal
Level of Purity / Surface Finish 4 μ inch Ra

1% of FS

1% of SP@ 35 - 100% FS

0.35% of FS @ <35% FS

Repeatability <±0.25% SP <±0.15% FS
Response Time

<3 sec to within 2% of SP (per SEMI E17-91)

<1 sec to within 2% of SP (per SEMI E17-91)

Max Pressure

1 MPa (145 psi)

620 kPa (90 psi)

Max Temperature 105oC 150oC
Diagnostic Capability
Analog Communication

0-5 Vdc

0-5 Vdc

Digital Communication

RS485 L-Protocol (via dual RJ11 ports)