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GF120xHT Series Metal Sealed High-Temperature Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

High-purity flow path. Outstanding performance and reliability for high-temperature applications.
GF120xHT high-temperature mass flow controllers (MFCs) and meters are designed to control and measure the mass flow rate of vapor from liquid or solid sources to support the growing usage of these precursors in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The flow module on GF120xHT can withstand operating environments of up to 150°C. To support this temperature range, the electronics are remotely connected to the rest of the device and mounted in a lower temperature location (max 50°C). The remote electronics can be DIN mounted with a choice of three different interconnecting cable lengths - 3 ft, 8 ft, and 16.5 ft standard. The wide range of communication protocols and fitting options make GF120xHT an ideal choice for next generation process equipment and upgrade for legacy heated MFCs.


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GF120xHT Series Data Sheet


  • Designed for high-temperature applications up to 150°C
  • Convenient service port provides access to diagnostics via user-friendly interface
  • Corrosion-resistant Hastelloy sensor
  • Calibrated to the customer's process conditions


  • Ability to support applications up to 150°C for liquid precursor vapor delivery
  • User-friendly diagnostics interface supports process engineer in ensuring MFC is operating within the specified limits for high-yield and maximum uptime
  • Provides unmatched long-term sensor stability for maximum throughput and yields
  • Calibrated at customer operating temperature and pressure for optimal performance


  • Advanced Strip Processes
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Deposition
Product Type
Mass Flow Controller

High-purity flow path

Outstanding performance and reliability for high temperature applications up to 150°C

Remote electronics offered with DIN rail mounting

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)
50 sccm - 5 slm (N2 equivalent)

±1% SP >35-100%

±0.35% FS 2-35%

<±0.15% SP
Response Time
Normally Closed Valve: <1 sec
Seal Material
Level of Purity / Surface Finish
5µ inch Ra avg
Max Temperature
Max Pressure

500 psia


Diagnostic Capability
Analog Communication

0-5 Vdc

Digital Communication
DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, RS-485 L-Protocol
Filename File Type Documents By Language
Data Sheet GF120xHT pdf English
Installation & Operation Manual pdf English
DeviceNet™ Supplemental Manual pdf English
EtherCAT® Supplemental Manual - GF1xx pdf English
RS485 L-Protocol Supplemental Manual pdf English

Use the following guide, based on model code information from the data sheet, to translate the filename of the CAD drawings available below. If you need assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Applications Engineering or your local Brooks Instrument representative.

Example: GF120xHT (model) - CX (fitting) - G1 (connector)

  Fitting  Connector
GF120xHT   BX - 1-1/2” body width, 92 mm W Seal  BX - Cable adapter to 15-pin D adapts G1 base
    CX - 1-1/8” body width, 92 mm C Seal
 *DX - DeviceNet™ 5-pin micro  
    LX - 1-1/8” body width, 92 mm C Seal w/Poke Yoke  EX - Cable adapter to Card Edge (w/o VTP), RS485 through RJ11 jacks adapts GX base  
    VX - 1-1/8” body width, 124 mm 1-1/4” VCR male  GX - 9-Pin D with RS485 (Unit”G”), display and overlay 180 degree orientation  
    WX - 1-1/8” body width, 92 mm W Seal  G1 - 9-Pin D with RS485 (Unit”G”)  
     HX - Adapter to cardedge adapts to G1 base  
     IX - Adapter to cardedge adapts to GX base  
     JX - Cable adapter with 9-pin STEC pin-out & jack screws (w/VTP) adapts SX base  
     KX - Cable adapter to MKS 15-pin D, adapts G1 base  
     QX - Adapter to cardedge (w/out VTP) adapts to SX base  
     SX - 9-pin D with STEC pin-out (w/VTP) (units “S“, “Q“)  
     UX - Cable adapter to 15-pin D (w/VTP) adapts SX base  

Filename File Type
GF120XHT-BX-BX zip
GF120XHT-BX-DX zip
GF120XHT-BX-E0 zip
GF120XHT-BX-EX zip
GF120XHT-BX-FX zip
GF120XHT-BX-G1 zip
GF120XHT-BX-GX zip
GF120XHT-BX-HX zip
GF120XHT-BX-IX zip
GF120XHT-BX-JX zip
GF120XHT-BX-KX zip
GF120XHT-BX-QX zip
GF120XHT-BX-SX zip
GF120XHT-BX-UX zip
GF120XHT-CX-BX zip
GF120XHT-CX-DX zip
GF120XHT-CX-E0 zip
GF120XHT-CX-EX zip
GF120XHT-CX-FX zip
GF120XHT-CX-G1 zip
GF120XHT-CX-GX zip
GF120XHT-CX-HX zip
GF120XHT-CX-IX zip
GF120XHT-CX-JX zip
GF120XHT-CX-KX zip
GF120XHT-CX-QX zip
GF120XHT-CX-SX zip
GF120XHT-CX-UX zip
GF120XHT-LX-BX zip
GF120XHT-LX-DX zip
GF120XHT-LX-E0 zip
GF120XHT-LX-EX zip
GF120XHT-LX-FX zip
GF120XHT-LX-G1 zip
GF120XHT-LX-GX zip
GF120XHT-LX-HX zip
GF120XHT-LX-IX zip
GF120XHT-LX-JX zip
GF120XHT-LX-KX zip
GF120XHT-LX-QX zip
GF120XHT-LX-SX zip
GF120XHT-LX-UX zip
GF120XHT-VS-BX zip
GF120XHT-VS-DX zip
GF120XHT-VS-E0 zip
GF120XHT-VS-EX zip
GF120XHT-VS-FX zip
GF120XHT-VS-G1 zip
GF120XHT-VS-GX zip
GF120XHT-VS-HX zip
GF120XHT-VS-IX zip
GF120XHT-VS-JX zip
GF120XHT-VS-KX zip
GF120XHT-VS-QX zip
GF120XHT-VS-SX zip
GF120XHT-VS-UX zip
GF120XHT-VX-DX zip
GF120XHT-VX-E0 zip
GF120XHT-VX-EX zip
GF120XHT-VX-FX zip
GF120XHT-VX-G1 zip
GF120XHT-VX-GX zip
GF120XHT-VX-HX zip
GF120XHT-VX-IX zip
GF120XHT-VX-JX zip
GF120XHT-VX-KX zip
GF120XHT-VX-QX zip
GF120XHT-VX-SX zip
GF120XHT-VX-UX zip
GF120XHT-WX-BX zip
GF120XHT-WX-DX zip
GF120XHT-WX-E0 zip
GF120XHT-WX-EX zip
GF120XHT-WX-FX zip
GF120XHT-WX-G1 zip
GF120XHT-WX-GX zip
GF120XHT-WX-HX zip
GF120XHT-WX-IX zip
GF120XHT-WX-JX zip
GF120XHT-WX-KX zip
GF120XHT-WX-QX zip
GF120XHT-WX-SX zip
GF120XHT-WX-UX zip