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Coriolis Flow Meter & Controller

Coriolis flow measurement and control for very low flow rates of liquid or gas.

When you need precise liquid and gas flow measurement and control at low-flow rates, consider a Coriolis flow meter or flow controller for your process. Coriolis flow meters use a proven direct mass flow measurement technology which provides superior accuracy independent of fluid properties like density and viscosity which may vary with changes in temperature and pressure.

Coriolis Mass Flow Measurement Accuracy

A Coriolis-type flow meter is the only type of flow sensor currently available that provides a direct mass flow measurement. This unique sensor property is the foundation of Coriolis flow meter accuracy: A direct mass flow measurement occurs when a flow sensor device directly measures the mass flow rate of the fluid without needing to capture or measure additional fluid properties and incorporate those properties into the flow rate calculation.

A Coriolis flow meter is a single instrument that provides an accurate mass flow measurement while density, viscosity and specific heat of the liquid or gas may change. As a result, Coriolis mass flow measurement is immune to fluid property variations.

Key benefits of Brooks Coriolis flow meters, flow controllers, and sensors:

  • Most accurate mass flow meter available
  • Insensitive to fluid type
  • Variety of enclosure options - up to NEMA 4X/IP66 for hazardous areas
  • High pressure capability for demanding research applications


As one of the industry’s leading Coriolis mass flow meter manufacturers, Brooks Instrument has worked to advance the productive use of our Quantim® Coriolis mass flow meter technology in key applications requiring ultra-precise direct mass flow measurement, including:

  • Catalyst research: In pilot plants in the chemical/petrochemical industry, Coriolis mass flow sensors and controllers enable precise measurement of gas or liquid flow rates into a reactor and then the flow measurement of reactor output, to generate a mass balance equation to optimize the process. Learn more
  • Liquid precursor delivery to Vaporizers: In semiconductor manufacturing, some manufacturers use a direct liquid injection system to deliver novel precursors to fabrication steps. In these applications, Coriolis mass flow controllers provide critically accurate and repeatable liquid flow control to the vaporizer. Learn more
  • Precision thin film coating and surface treatments: Applications ranging from solar cell manufacturing to depositing titanium nitride metal coatings on medical devices also use direct liquid injection vaporizers, making Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers valuable tools to support precise, repeatable liquid flow measurement and control. Learn more
  • Hot melt extrusion: A major plastic extruder manufacturer for pharmaceutical applications chose the Quantim Coriolis mass flow controller to improve measurement and control of CO2 injection into their Twin Screw pharmaceutical extruder. Learn more
  • High accuracy filling stations
  • Metering pump feedback


Quantim Series
Quantim Series
Product Type Mass Flow Controller
Differentiator Third generation Coriolis sensor and electronics provides superior performance and reliability
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity) 10 - 27,000 gram/hr
Seal Material Viton, Buna, Kalrez, EPDM or Metal

Standard Flow Accuracy (below) or [(zero stability/flow rate) x 100]% of rate, whichever is greater

Liquid: 0.2% of rate

Gas: 0.5% of rate

Repeatability ±0.05% or ±[0.5 x (zero stability/flowrate) x 100]% of rate whichever is greater
Response Time

SS Controller: <2 sec

SS Meter: <0.5 sec

Diagnostic Capability

LED Status light

Open Collector Alarm Output

Advanced diagnostics, alarms & warnings available via digital I/O

Analog Communication

0-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA

Digital Communication

RS-485 (Smart Protocol)