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  1. 5850EMH Series High Temperature Mass Flow Controllers

    5850EMH Series mass flow controllers from Brooks Instrument combine proven stability and metal-sealed purity for high-temperature processes.

  2. GF100 Series Metal Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

    The GF100 high-purity and ultra-high purity mass flow controllers provide a corrosion-resistant flow path with reduced surface area during purge steps.

  3. 122 Series Mechanical Pressure Switches & Transmitters

    122 Series mechanical pressure switches and transmitters from Brooks Instrument provide versatile system pressure measurement for high-purity applications.

  4. Metal Sealed Pressure Controllers

    Maximize pressure control with Metal Sealed Pressure Controllers from Brooks, with efficient and precise pressure control to enhance process results.

  5. Elastomer Sealed Pressure Controllers

    Elastomer sealed pressure controllers from Brooks Instrument are designed to be rugged, durable and cost-effective by delivering closed loop control.

  6. Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

    Metal tube variable area flow meters (rotameters) from Brooks combine durable performance with precise and repeatable water and gas flow measurement.

  7. Plastic Variable Area Flow Meters

    Plastic variable area flow meters (rotameters) from Brooks Instrument combine accuracy and repeatability with economical polymer construction.

  8. Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

    Glass tube variable area flow meters (rotameters) from Brooks Instrument combine accuracy with robust borosilicate-glass body construction.

  9. 0260 Series Power Supply, Smart Interface & Controller

    The 0260 is a power supply, smart interface and controller thermal MFCs and pressure controllers with an RS485 Smart protocol digital interface from Brooks.

  10. Power Supply, Readout & Set Point Controllers

    The 0250 Series power supply, readout, and set point controllers for Brooks Instrument mass flow and/or pressure devices.