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Vapor Delivery Modules

Vapor Delivery Modules are self-contained modules for the delivery of ultra-high purity water vapor. They bring improved accuracy, higher flow rates, a wide control range and lower power consumption compared to flash evaporation systems.

KEY Applications

  • Silicon semiconductor post-metal etch process
  • Silicon semiconductor metal strip process
  • Ultra-high purity humidification in sub-atmospheric environments
Discover how our vapor delivery modules can unlock the potential of your processes.


Product Type

DI Water Vapor Delivery Module



High Purity Vapor

Highest Flow Accuracy

Compact Design

Vaporization Method Vapor Draw
Fluid Type DI Water
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

3000 sccm

Heater Power 260 Watts
Max Pressure

Vapor Outlet: 200 torr

Max Temperature ~92°C