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High & Ultra-High Purity Pressure Controllers

Challenge: Enhance use of pressure control for improved tool results

Every system that measures and controls process gas flow can enhance deposition control and process performance through simultaneous – and precise –  pressure measurement and control. Many fabs use centralized bulk gas sources and vapor cabinets to serve dozens of tools; because there is an unavoidable pressure differential between the inlet side and the outlet side of an MFC, tool efficiency and wafer quality (yield) can only go up through real-time pressure management.

Solution: PC100 Series Ultra-High Purity Digital Pressure Controllers

Built on the proven Brooks GF100 mass flow controller technology, the PC100 Series features a high-purity all-metal flow path, enhanced sensor technology and advanced diagnostics capability that makes it much easier to conduct device evaluation and troubleshooting.

The key to its outstanding performance is its exacting pressure measurement and control capabilities. Based on the proven performance of the Brooks GF100, the technology inside the PC100 Series eliminates the challenges caused by sensor drift, for ultra-precise pressure measurement and control.

The PC100 Series features a proprietary highly corrosion-resistant Hastelloy® C-22 sensor that provides improved pressure measurement and control at low setpoints, superior reproducibility at elevated temperatures and enhanced long-term stability. Combined with features that enable faster response and settling times, tool builders and end users who implement Brook Instrument semiconductor pressure controllers have the potential to achieve reduced downtime and improved productivity.


PC100 Series
PC100 Series
Product Type

Pressure Controller & Flow Meter

Pressure Controller

Control Mode: Downstream or Upstream

Remote Transducer

Wide Flow & Pressure Range

Control Mode: Downstream or Upstream

Ultra-High Purity

Digital Pressure Control

Pressure Control Range


> 2 to 100%

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

Any range from 0 to 3 sccm to 0 to 30,000 sccm N2 Eq.

10 slm (N2 or H2 only)


±1% of rate 20-100% F.S.

±0.2% F.S. < 20% F.S.

Pressure Reading: ± 1% of reading

Pressure Control: ± 0.2% of F.S. <10% F.S.; ± 1% of reading >10% to 100% F.S.

Flow Reading: ± 0.35% of F.S. 2-35% F.S. ; ± 1% of reading >35% F.S

Response Time

< 1 sec typical for a 20-100% setpoint step with max 2% overshoot.

Actual pressure response depends on system design.

< 1 sec typ. (excluding system time constant)


±0.2% of rate

< ±0.2% F.S.

Seal Material Metal Metal
Level of Purity / Surface Finish

32 µ inch Ra

5 µ inch Ra

Diagnostic Capability Available


Analog Communication

0 - 5 Vdc

Digital Communication DeviceNet™