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E, EM Series Cables

Brooks Instrument offers a variety of cables to meet your needs to connect our products to your process. Available cables are based on the product and communications available. Where applicable, we offer power cables, communications cables, cables for connecting to secondary electronics, multidrop communications cables, and cables for interfacing with BEST - our powerful troubleshooting software.

Note: Cable lengths are sometimes purchased in metric or imperial. Please allow an extra 1 ft or .5 m to ensure adequate length.

E/EM SERIES MFC - Analog Cable Type
Cable Length Part Number
Power Cables (Flying Leads)
5 ft [1.5 m]
Includes Analog Input & Output
10 ft [3 m] 124Z362AAA

25 ft [8 m] 124Z363AAA

50 ft [15 m] 124Z435AAA

75 ft [23 m] 124Z876AAA

100 ft [30 m] 124Z868AAA
 025X Secondary Electronics Cable Kit
5 ft [1.5 m] 124Y057AAA
  10 ft [3 m] 124Y058AAA
  25 ft [8 m] 124Y059AAA 
  50 ft [15 m]  124Y060AAA 
BEST Software Cable (USB to RS-485)
   Not compatible with BEST