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Control up to 30 Mass Flow Meters at Once

Brooks is excited to announce that customers can now control up to 30 mass flow meters / mass flow controllers at the same time with the new Brooks Smart Interface (BSI) 0260 software and tabletop hardware module. This Windows®-based software application expands your control and monitoring capabilities for Brooks' thermal mass flow meters and controllers. The BSI 0260 eliminates the need for multiple secondary electronics boxes. This will help you save space, simplify monitoring and reduce overall costs in lab and research environments. When looking at the BSI 0260's main screen, you can see the full-scale flow rate and measure flow rate. You can also view and adjust the set point, as well change valve override status. Device and alarm status is also available on the main screen. The BSI 0260 provides data logging, batching and blending, and it lets you create automated process recipes. Recipe control eliminates the need for you to intervene to adjust set points at designated times. That alone will help you improve process reliability and productivity. The BSI 0260 will work with the following Brooks instrument mass flow products: 4800 series, SLA5800 series, SLA7800/7900 series, and Mf and SLAMf series. For more information about the BSI 0260, click here.

About The Author

Steve Kannengieszer
Director of Marketing

Steve is director of marketing, mass flow products at Brooks Instrument with responsibility for Coriolis, thermal mass flow and pressure products.

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