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An Easy, Turnkey Solution to Powering and Controlling Mass Flow Controllers


0254 Four Channel Power Supply, Readout & Set Point Controller

When buying a mass flow controller (MFC) or mass flow meter (MFM), the attention is usually on selecting and sizing the correct device for the application while power and control is often a secondary thought. When the question of how to power and control one or more devices arises, my top recommendation is the 0254 Four Channel Power Supply, Readout & Set Point Controller. This adaptable and configurable supply will also work with Brooks Instrument pressure & vacuum products or virtually any product that requires a standard DC power supply and has a voltage or mA I/O signal, including other manufacturers’ devices. 

Configuring the 0254 Power Supply

Configuration of the 0254 is very simple to complete by using the front panel push-button menu. I/O types can also be mixed and matched: such as utilizing one device with voltage signals, and another device with mA signals on the same 0254. The 0254 is also ideal for a small lab environment, as it can operate up to 4 devices from a single controller. The 0254 is a power and control device that can be configured for a variety of inputs and outputs, including virtually any analog I/O.  It can also be ordered with either a 24 Vdc supply or a ±15 Vdc supply. This power supply is now an interchangeable transformer supply, similar to your laptop supply.  You can buy one DC power supply or buy both depending on your requirements. This means that a single 0254 will work with an entire line of meters. This adaptable and configurable supply helps ensure the right supply is selected every time.

Keeping Voltage & Cable Requirements in Mind

An important thing to keep in mind is the requirement for voltage adapters when your device uses voltage I/O. The voltage adapters are required when using any Brooks Instrument voltage I/O device with standard Brooks Instrument cables (details on wiring and the voltage adapters can be found in the 0254 installation and operation manual available for download from our website). Of course cables will be necessary, and most meters sold by Brooks Instrument use the same pin out configurations and the same cables. While most cables and meters could be considered interchangeable, always verify the pin outs and correct cables to ensure proper operation. I personally really like working with the 0254 because it has simplified our customer’s choice when it comes to the power supply and readout and control that’s needed for their application. Some other features that the 0254 is capable of include:
  • Individually configurable inputs and outputs
  • Selectable measurement units
  • Selection of displayed variable
  • Monitoring of actual voltage or mA
  • Blending
  • Batch control
  • Serial communications
  • Data-logging
  • Valve override control
Our global team of flow and pressure experts is always ready to help so please contact us anytime.

About The Author

George Durie
Technical Service Engineer

George is a technical service engineer at Brooks Instrument.

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