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Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

Rugged. Economical. Easy to use rotameters for flow measurement technology.

When measuring liquid or gas flow at higher pressures and temperatures than is suitable for plastic, you can achieve accurate flow rates with robust glass tube rotameters (variable area flow meters) from Brooks Instrument. With a broader range of flow rates available, glass tube rotameters are suitable for a variety of liquids and gases.

Resistance to thermal shock, pressure and oxidation is the result of employing borosilicate glass tube bodies that can withstand pressures up to 13.8 bar (200 psi). Plus, corrosion-resistant material options for scales, floats, fittings and valves accommodate a variety of applications, whether in the lab or in industrial processes.

Key Applications

  • Industrial processes
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Oil and gas pumping and refining processes
  • Fuel cell research
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Water treatment and distribution systems

Select the glass tube rotameter that best meets your project requirements.


Sho-Rate Series
Sho-Rate Series
GT1000 Series
GT1000 Series
GT130x Series
GT130x Series
FC Series
FC Series
Product Type

Glass Tube VA Flow Meter


Glass Tube VA Flow Meter

Applications:  Clean liquids and gases

Glass Tube VA Flow Meter

Applications:  Clean liquids and gases

Manual Flow Controller

Ideal for Wide Variety of Gas & Liquid Applications


QuickShip Available

Removable borosilicate glass metering tube for easy service without removing the meter, minimize downtime

Process connections can be rotated 360°, 180° viewing window, panel mount option

One or two flow alarms are available, alarms are safe use in explosive atmospheres

Reliable o-ring seal design for leak free process connections

Optional needle valves mounted to inlet or outlet for precision flow control

Drop-in replacement for the Brooks Instrument Full-View 1100 series

Rugged stainless steel construction for heavy duty applications and corrosive atmospheres

Personal safety first with glass containment safety sleeve

Optional needle valve mounted on inlet or outlet for precision flow control

O-Ring seal construction provides a positive seal and easy maintenance

Available as Standalone or Integrally Mounted to Flow Meter
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)


0.8 - 5 gpm

0.01 - 34 gph

0.041 - 130 lph


3.4 - 15 scfm

0.12 - 140 scfh

3.2 - 3700 nlph


4-900 ml/min

2-100 CCM

0.1-9 LPM

0.1-130 SCFH

98 gpm / 22,000 lph

270 scfm / 440 m3n/hr

See Capacity Tables in Data Sheet


10 gpm / 2,460 lph


45 scfm / 69 m3n/hr

See Capacities Tables in Data Sheet 


.024 - 480 gph


.10 -2130 scfh

Accuracy ± 3% - 10% FS

+/- 2% Full Scale  /  Class 2.5 VDI /  VDE

+/- 1% Full Scale  / Class 1.6 VDI  /  VDE

Models 1306  /  1307:  +/- 1% Full Scale  /  Class 1.6 VDI /  VDE

Models 1306  /  1307:  +/- 2% Full Scale  / Class 2.5 VDI  /  VDE

Model 1305:  +/- 5% Full Scale

Model 1305:  +/- 10% Full Scale

Max Temperature 121oC (250oF) 121oC (250oF) 121°C (250°F) 178oC (350oF)
Max Pressure 200 psig Refer to Maximum Pressure Ratings Table in Data Sheet Refer to Maximum Pressure Ratings Table in Data Sheet Refer to Maximum Pressure Ratings Table in Data Sheet
O-Ring Materials

Viton-A® fluoroelastomers






Viton® fluoroelastomer


Kalrez® 4079 fluoroelastomer


Viton® fluorelastomer


Kalrez® 4079

Viton® fluoroelastomers





Process Connections

Horizontal female 3/8" NPT threaded adapters

1/8" - 1/4" NPT

1/8" - 1/4" Compression

6mm Compression

1/4" - 3/8"; RC

1/4" VCR®

1/4" Hose

Swagelok® Converters

Brass Construction:  NPT, BSPT / Rc Female connections

316 Stainless Steel Construction:  NPT, BSPT / Rc Female connections or 150# Flanges per ASME B16.5

Brass Construction:  Models 1306  / 1307:  Female NPT, BSPT / Rc 

316 Stainless Steel:  Models 1306  / 1307:  Female NPT, BSPT / Rc  /  150# Flange per ASME B16.5

Brass Construction:  Model 1305:  Female NPT

316 Stainless Steel Construction:  Model 1305:  Female NPT

1/8" - 1/4" F-NPT

1/8" - 1/4" Tube Compression

1/4" ID Hose

3/4" F-NPT

Integral connection


Reed Switch - Sizes 7 to 13

Inductive Switch - Sizes 2 & 6

Certifications/Approvals International Calibration Certificate (ICC)

International Calibration Certificate (ICC)

Material certification

Pressure Test certificate

Oxygen Cleaning certificate

Certificate of Conformance

International Calibration Certificate (ICC)