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Direct Vacuum Measurement

Challenge: Reduce vacuum sensor drift and process tool downtime

For the vast majority of chamber-based fabrication processes, vacuum must be created, measured, and controlled accurately to operate:

  • Cleanly: Pumping a chamber to high vacuum before a process can reduce contamination levels to the PPT (parts per trillion) range.
  • Feasibly: Most thin film coatings — particularly metals — cannot be deposited at atmospheric pressure.
  • Repeatedly: Vacuum permits much better repeatability in thin film processes because contaminants (O2, H2O, H2, etc.) are removed each time the process takes place.
To achieve those results demands exceptionally reliable and repeatable direct vacuum measurement—and process induced sensor contamination resulting in output drift and unstable chamber pressure measurements.

Solution: XacTorr® Series Digital Capacitance Manometers

Brooks Instrument XacTorr® CMX Series digital vacuum capacitance manometers incorporate industry-leading features that improve vacuum measurement reliability, virtually eliminate drift, resist diaphragm contamination, and minimize thermal effects. The result is an exceptionally reliable capacitance manometer that provides a powerful tool to help ensure that every time you take a process chamber to vacuum, it is contaminant-free to the degree you require.

Talk to the Brooks Instrument team to learn how our CMC and XacTorr series supports accurate vacuum measurement on your application.