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GP200 Series Gas Database


The gas model for GP200 Series mass flow controllers (MFC) is embedded within each GP200 device, enabling on-the-fly gas & range reconfiguration for maximum process flexibility. Download the files below to update your GP200 MFC to the latest embedded gas database.


Filename File Type Documents By Language
Standard Bin Gas Listing xlsx English
Low Pressure Bin Gas Listing xlsx English


GP200 Embedded Gas Database V401

  • Over 250 new gases added

GP200 Embedded Gas Database V400

  • Added CT Bin Gases: 88 (SiF4)

GP200 Embedded Gas Database V399

  • Added CT Bin Gases: 6, 22, 176, 569, 651, 723, 817, 1026, 1060, 1061
  • Added CT Bin Test Gases: 7016, 7023, 7124, 7328, 7963
  • Added LP Bin Gases: 127, 156
  • Added LP Bin Test Gases: 7138, 7265, 7266, 7360
  • Updated Model: 12
      • HF is a unique semiconductor gas due to its combination of low molecular weight, low vapor pressure, and high specific heat ratio. This update includes improved HF performance by considering temperature and pressure dependent actual compressibility.