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Beta Software


The software or databases downloaded from this page are beta releases and have been rapidly developed based on requested features or fixes from users. For example, new gas configurations can be available in just a few days (where gas properties data are available).

Due to this rapid deployment methodology, all beta software on is downloaded at the risk of the user.

We encourage users to provide feedback on this software before final release by sending an email via this link:


FilenameFile TypeDocuments By Language
Quick Start Guide pdf English


Beta MultiFlo™ Configurator Beta V5.35.01

Beta Version 5.35.01 includes these new features:

  • GF100 Series High Flow MFCs can now be configured in SLPM

Beta MultiFlo™ Configurator Beta FloCom Database db180712


  • The following gases/mixtures have been added to the database: SEMI Gas Code 1050