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0260 Series Software


Software for the 0260 Series Power Supply, Smart Interface & Controller is a Microsoft™ Windows™ based application that provides expanded control and monitoring capabilities in laboratory and research environments for Brooks Instrument thermal mass flow meters and controllers and electronic pressure controllers with the RS485 Smart protocol.

The combination of the 0260 module and this software application provides a great turnkey solution for monitoring and controlling up to thirty (30) devices.

Note: This software requires a hardware security key. 

V1.0.3.1 - Adds ability to independently control channels that are not being used as part of a recipe function.

V1.0.3.0 - Adds functionality to support the newly enhanced SLA58xxS pressure controllers.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Services or your local Brooks Instrument representative for assistance.


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Quick Start Guide pdf English


0260 Series Software V1.0.3.1