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MFC Service & Repair | 3XP, Millipore, Celerity Replacement Upgrades


Support for Legacy MFC Brands Including Celerity, UNIT, Mykrolis and more

When it comes to MFC service and MFC repair, Brooks Instrument has you covered. Look to us for expert maintenance or replacement of your mass flow controllers and meters. We offer factory-certified calibration and MFC service on legacy brands such as Celerity, UNIT, Millipore and more. Or, we can work with you to upgrade to comparable high-performance Brooks Instrument devices. We support these devices as part of the broad family of Brooks Instrument MFC products.


Factory Certified Calibration & Repair

Extend the service life of your existing MFCs and MFMs through Brooks Instrument factory-certified calibration and repair services. Our technical staff have original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expertise you can trust to bring your devices back to original factory working conditions.

We utilize the same metrology standards, work instructions, equipment and software as our manufacturing processes, to ensure copy-exact processes and firmware control. From 3XP replacement to Celerity service, only Brooks Instrument can offer:

  • A specialty gas lab that simulates your operating conditions during troubleshooting
  • Class 100/1000 clean rooms to protect your devices while they are serviced
  • All calibrations performed using industry-traceable equipment
  • Comprehensive, exclusive Brooks Instrument failure analysis evaluations
    and reports

We use only NEW factory furnished parts with OEM hardware, software and copy exact processes on the following legacy MFCs
and MFMs:

  • Celerity
  • Millipore
  • Mykrolis
  • Tylan
  • Tylan General
  • UNIT Instruments

ONE YEAR WARRANTY: All devices calibrated and serviced by Brooks Instrument receive a full one year warranty.

Begin the repair process by clicking on the “RMA Tracker” link on our Service & Support page. (North America only)

After registration, you'll be able to create and receive an immediate RMA# for return. Ship your device to:

Brooks Instrument
407 West Vine Street
Hatfield, PA 19440

Upgrade to Brooks GF Series or SLA Series MFCs

Improve the performance of existing processes by choosing proven, qualified Brooks Instrument drop-in replacements for virtually all legacy MFCs. In 2009, we added the Celerity, Millipore, Mykrolis, Tylan, Tylan General and UNIT Instruments devices to our portfolio, helping us become the world’s leading thermal mass flow product supplier.

Brooks Instrument has identified specific GF or SLA series products to replace existing systems, and provides technical support to help make sure you pick the right solution.

Need help? Locate a Sales Expert

Celerity, Mykrolis, Millipore, Tylan, Tylan General, UNIT Instruments
Model Mass Flow Controller  Mass Flow Meter Brooks Instrument
Drop-In Replacement
  Metal Sealed Elastomer Sealed Elastomer Sealed
180C   X   4850, GF40, 5850E
      X 4860, GF40 or 5860E
7300   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
      X SLA5860 or GF40
7301   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
      X SLA5860 or GF40
7301C   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
7304   X   SLA5850 or GF40
7304C   X   SLA5850 or GF40
8100   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
      X SLA5860 or GF40
8101   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
      X SLA5860 or GF40
8101C   X   SLA5850 or 5850E or GF40
8105   X   SLA5850 or GF40
8105C   X   SLA5850 or GF40
C1660 X     GF100
C1661 X     GF100
C1665 X     GF100
C7361 X     GF100
C8160 X     GF120
C8161 X     GF120
C8165 X     GF120
C8261 X     GF120
C8561 X     GF120
C8565 X     GF120
FC260   X   4850, GF40, 5850E or 5850TR
FC261   X   4850, GF40, 5850E or 5850TR
FC262   X   SLA5851 or 5851E (<=100 slpm)
FC280   X   SLA5853 or 5853E (>=100 slpm)
FC280SA   X   GF40, 5850E OR SLA5850
FC2900/FC2910 Series   X   GF40, 5850E OR SLA5850
FC2900M X     GF100
FC2920/FC2921 Series   X   SLA5851 or 5851E (<=100 slpm)
FC2960M X     GF100
FC2979M X     GF100
FM360     X 4860, GF40, 5860E or 5850TR
FM361     X 4860, GF40, 5860E or 5850TR
FM362     X SLA5861 or 5861E (<=100 slpm)
FM380     X 5860E, GF40 or SLA5860
FM380SA     X 5860E, GF40 or SLA5860
FM3900     X 5860E, GF40 or SLA5860
FM3910     X 5860E, GF40 or SLA5860
FM3920     X 5861E or SLA5861 (<=100 slpm)
FM3921     X 5863E or SLA5863 (>=100 slpm)
IFC125C X     GF125
IntelliFlow II (IN2) X     GF120
IntelliFlow 3XP/GF50 (IN3XP) X     GF125
IntelliFlow 3XP High Flow Rate X     GF126
TN2900M Series X     GF120
UNIT 3100 X     GF121
UNIT 3161 X     GF121
UNIT 3165 X     GF121

Service Assistance

For more information on calibrating or servicing legacy devices, visit our Global Support Centers page.

Or call:

Service Support
Phone: 888-554-3569 ext. 3799

Upgrade Assistance

Need help with upgrading your devices? Contact Brooks Instrument Support:

Applications Engineering
Phone: 888-554-3569 ext. 3000

Technical Support
Phone: 888-554-3569 ext. 3798

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