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Xcellerex Shows Some Love for Brooks

It's always nice to get a pat on the back. David Mills, who is the senior director of MES and automation at Xcellerex, was nice enough to allow us to shove a camera in his face while he shared his thoughts about the relationship he has with Brooks. Although he didn't mention them on camera, big kudos goes out to Tom McLaughlin at PEMCO and the rest of the PEMCO team. PEMCO is our local sales expert and are the ones responsible for making sure Dave and Xcellerex continue to be a happy customer. Xcellerex currently purchases the 5800S Series mass flow controller from us for their disposable bio-reactors and have been very pleased ... as Dave states in the video. They are currently checking out our 4800 Series mass flow meter / mass flow controller right now for some other projects. Check out the video!

About The Author

Christine Batycki
Global Marketing Communications

Christine manages global marketing communications at Brooks Instrument.

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