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Part 3 of 3: Commissioning a Brooks Instrument SLA5800 EtherNet/IP™-enabled MFC Using Rockwell Studio 5000


Your EtherNet/IP™ is now connected and added to the network. Review our prior post to bring yourself up to speed, which can be viewed here

This final step will focus on testing device communications and controls. Navigate to the LOGIC menu within the Rockwell Studio 5000 and select Monitor Tags. This will take you to a listing of devices on the network and allow you to select IO signals to monitor for each device. A quick way to validate IO communications with a device is by using a Watch window to control and monitor your device (for example, issue setpoint commands and observe the resulting flow signal).

When you’re done setting up your watch window, within the Communications tool, be sure to download the current configuration to the PLC. 

Your next step is to go online with the PLC. Select “Run Mode” and click Yes to Change controller mode to Remote Run. You can then control and monitor your SLA MFC from the Watch Window. To view the video below in full screen mode, simply click the YouTube icon after pressing play.

Now you should be on your way to completing your EtherNet/IP™ configuration using Rockwell Studio 5000.

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