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Our MT3809 VA Flow Meter is New and Improved!

Big news here at Brooks. We've got another product launch underway. This one involves a redesign of our MT3809 VA flow meter. That great instrument just got even better. The new MT3809 works accurately across a staggeringly wide range of operating temperatures — from -50°C to 420°C (-58°F to 780°F) — and at pressures to 1380 bar (20K psi). Even in the most demanding applications measuring gases, liquids, and steam, the MT3809 delivers 2% full-scale/1.6 VDI accuracy. We've given the new MT3809 an explosion-proof housing that meets the world's most stringent hazardous-area classifications, and we're offering a flameproof option for IIC/Class 1 Division 1 locations. All in all, you've got unprecedented flexibility to use a single flow meter regardless of application, process configuration or flow rate. Of course we always like to design for value as well as quality and durability, so you can expect the new MT3809 to save you plenty of time and money over the course of its long service life. For starters, installation is fast and easy. That includes retrofitting. Maintenance is simple, too. Weldneck flanges provide long-term durability in all configurations. You don't need back pressure for gas applications, and we've met ASME sealing specifications with a standard gasket, saving you the cost of custom gaskets. As always, we'd be happy to tell you more about it. Email me, or call us at 1-888-554-3569.

About The Author

Jim Dillon
Global Product Manager

Jim is the global product manager for variable area products (rotameters) at Brooks Instrument.

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