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Approvals and the Shrinking Planet

I am a firm believer that the world is getting smaller each day. I credit this reduction in size to technology.  We can contact anyone in the world in seconds by using texts, emails, phone calls and video conferences.   So how does this "shrinking planet" impact a flow meter and more specifically, a variable area meter (rotameter)? I have learned quickly that flow meter projects can start with a customer in the U.S., be engineered in Singapore, purchased in Europe and delivered to China. This tag-team approach has a major impact on safety approvals. Previously, if it was a U.S. customer, North American approvals were needed. But now the approvals are based on destination country. In my example above, NEPSI approvals are needed for the flow meter because the flow meter will be installed in China. Here's a list of some other international approvals:
  • ATEX — Europe
  • CCOE — India
  • KOSHA — Korea
  • GOST — Russia
  • UL, CSA — North America
  • IECEx — Worldwide
So, today, simply meeting the process specifications for a flow meter — or any instrumentation —for the country of origin is not good enough. International approvals complete the package. That is why Brooks invests in attaining, then maintaining so many different approvals for a variety of products in many countries. A very recent example is IECEx approval attained for our growing SolidSense II pressure transducers and transmitters product line. The worldwide accreditation confirms that these products are suitable for use in hazardous environments regulated for explosions caused by flammable liquids, vapor, gases or combustible dust. To learn more about Brooks' certifications and approvals, click here. You can also:
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About The Author

Jim Dillon
Global Product Manager

Jim is the global product manager for variable area products (rotameters) at Brooks Instrument.

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