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Satisfying the Increasing Need for Flexibility in Bioprocess Equipment

Mass Flow Controllers (MFC), a critical component in the gas delivery subsystem used in bioreactors, have historically been specified for accurate control in specific process-relevant gas flow ranges. Each MFC is configured for the specific gas and range, and, as a result the process and equipment flexibility are limited. The lack of flexibility has, historically, not been a significant issue because multi-use bioreactors were routinely designed and specified to address a single product or process. Bioprocess equipment must keep pace with this industry requirement for flexibility down to the components and devices used in building them.

This white paper, jointly produced by Brooks Instrument and Cytiva, describes a constantly evolving biotherapeutics landscape, where multi-product manufacturing facilities require adaptability and flexibility for competitive success. The white paper presents a mass flow controller design and performance level that supports enhanced bioprocess equipment flexibility.

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