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Better gas flow control.
Reduced cost and complexity.

Preview the SLA5800 Series Biotech Mass Flow Controller

Everything your bioprocess needs from an MFC.

Efficiency and simplicity combine to improve bioprocessing performance with the new SLA5800 Series Biotech MFC. It incorporates several features created specifically to help streamline MFC purchasing, improve process gas control, enhance flexibility and satisfy regulatory requirements.

To serve the unique requirements of your bioprocesses, Brooks Instrument has created two SLA5800 Series Biotech options, built on the proven performance of the industry-leading SLA5800 Series MFC:

5800 Series features

Reduced system cost

The more components a bioprocessing system has, the more costs and operational complexities increase.

Fewer MFCs in your bioreactor

The SLA5800 Series Biotech turns this complexity equation around: its high turndown ratio means this biotech-focused MFC controls a wider range of gas flows. Compared to the standard SLA5800 Series, given the same full-scale flow, the minimum that you can measure and control is much lower. For example, with 250:1 turndown it’s possible to reduce the number of O2 controllers to cover your full range.

low and high flow MFCs

No separate shut-off valve needed

Engineering precision into our MFCs can help simplify bioprocessing system designs. With a zero leak-by control valve, shut-off capability is integrated into the SLA5800 Series Biotech, eliminating the need for a separate shut-off valve in the gas delivery system.

The result? One less system component needed, reduced design, testing and validation time and reduced system footprint.

Reduced purchasing complexity

Controlling both planning and equipment costs is a key goal for bioprocessing operations.

Fewer Configurations and Model Codes to Order

A high turndown ratio combined with pre-calibrated gas pages means the SLA5800 Series Biotech can be field-configured for multiple-sized systems, reducing the number of MFC configurations required by up to 90%. So instead of needing to use and change out four different MFCs each time you change gases, one is all you need. That also means you only need one MFC model code to order everything your bioprocess needs.

fewer spares

Lower spares inventory

The fewer configurations used in your bioprocessing system, the fewer MFC spares needed in your backup inventory to ensure bioprocessing operations are never interrupted.

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