Clogging in Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers: Preventative Tips from Brooks Instrument, Published by Chemical Engineering

In low-flow applications, Coriolis mass flow controllers can be susceptible to clogging. Filtration can solve most common clogging issues. Here are tips for filtration and other ways to prevent clogging.

Clogging in Coriolis mass flow controllers explained with a discussion on preventative tips published in Chemical Engineering Magazine. 
Steve Kannengieszer, Global Marketing Director at Brooks Instrument, publishes an article in a recent edition of Chemical Engineering magazine.

HATFIELD, Pa. (USA) May 10, 2024 - Chemical Engineering magazine, a leading trade magazine covering technology and news in the chemical process industries (CPI), recently featured the Brooks Instrument 3rd generation Coriolis mass flow controller (MFC) for low-flow applications, how it can be susceptible to clogging due to their small orifice along with tips for filtration and clog prevention.

Appearing in the March 2024 issue, the article “Preventing Clogs in Low-Flow Coriolis Mass-Flow Controllers,” by Steve Kannengieszer, Global Marketing Director at Brooks Instrument, highlights the 3rd generation Coriolis mass flow controller specifically engineered to deliver repeatable results with superior accuracy in low-flow liquid-delivery systems. The Coriolis MFC is widely used in chemical and petrochemical research, and pilot plant development where superior accuracy is critical.

Even the most precisely engineered instruments can deliver faulty or unreliable results if there is poor filtration preceding the Coriolis MFC and ultimately fluid contamination. However, understanding the sources of clogs and contamination as well as proper filtration systems and techniques can help sustain accuracy and control in these applications.

"It is important to understand the different types of clogs and contaminants that can develop in liquid-delivery systems, their sources and how those contaminants can clog and disrupt the operation of low-flow liquid measuring and controlling instrumentation," said Kannengieszer.

Read the full article to learn about contaminant sources, how to detect clogs, and tips for filtration and clog prevention in Chemical Engineering magazine by clicking here.

You can also visit the Quantim® QMC Coriolis mass flow controller product page to access a data sheet and explanatory videos detailing how the QMC is ideal for very low-flow gas and liquid measurement and control applications.