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High & Ultra-High Purity Pressure Switches & Transmitters

Challenge: Find cost-effective ways to manage pressure better

To improve control of process gas pressure, it needs to be accurately measured at key points throughout a gas delivery system—not just on either side of the MFC. If pressure deviates from setpoints, there could be a dangerous leak or blockage at a key piping junction or isolation point.

Solution: Proven Brooks Instrument Pressure Switches & Transmitters

Combining exceptional versatility with proven, cost-effective functionality in semiconductor and industrial production facilities worldwide, Brooks Instrument offers a broad range of pressure gauges, pressure switches and transmitters employing durable designs and materials selected to deliver reliable and accurate performance in high-purity semiconductor gas delivery processes.


122 Series Pressure Gauges
122 Series Pressure Gauges
122 Series Pressure Switches and Transmitters
122 Series Pressure Switches and Transmitters
Product Type Mechanical Pressure Gauges

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Mechanical Pressure Transmitters



Ultra-High Purity

High Accuracy

Pressure Range

- 30" - 4000 psi

Vacuum to 4,000 psi (276 bar) & metric

Accuracy 1% Full Scale 1% Full Scale
Housing 300 Series Stainless Steel, electropolished 300 Series Stainless Steel, electropolished