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Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) Vaporizers

Overcome the limitations of conventional vapor delivery systems.

Conventional vapor delivery systems require close temperature and pressure control, do not generate well-controlled vapor mass flow efficiently and face difficulties creating a high-purity vapor for every application.

Brooks Instrument has the solution to these challenges: advanced Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporizer technology. Brooks DLI vaporizer systems employ hot gas, rather than a hot metal surface, to accomplish liquid vaporization. As liquid enters the hot gas chamber, it is atomized by a carrier gas stream. Once the atomized liquid contacts the hot gas, it immediately changes to vapor. The result is chemically pure vapor, free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carryover.

Brooks offers several heat exchanger designs to accommodate an extraordinarily wide range of liquid properties: extremely low vapor pressures (sub 1 Torr), very low flow rates (sub 5 g/h) and very high flow rates (more than 15 kg/hr).

Key Applications

  • Water vapor injection / humidification, e.g., fuel cell proton exchange membranes, pharmaceutical drugs
  • Silicon dioxide deposition for fiber optic preforms
  • Chemical vapor deposition
    • Industrial hard coatings
    • Fabric polymer infusion
    • Microelectronic thin films
      • Insulative films
      • Dielectric films
      • Reflective and anti-reflective glass coatings
Select the vaporizer that best serves your process requirements.


DLIHV Series
DLIHV Series
DLIW Series
DLIW Series
Product Type



Vaporizer Vaporizer

Integrated design for high vapor capacity requirements, especially DI water

Flexible, high purity, indirect vaporization-on-demand for most liquid precursors

Indirect vaporization-on-demand

High Purity 316L SS construction enables disassembly and cleaning

Vaporization Method Flash vaporization with/without atomization Direct liquid injection with atomization Direct liquid injection with atomization
Fluid Type Water Water, hydrocarbons, polymers, metal organics and metal halides Water, hydrocarbons, polymers, metal organics and metal halides
Heater Power 1500 W, 3000 W, 6000 W 200 - 5000 W 200 - 2250 W
Max Pressure 1500 psig

875 psig (standard)

1450 psig (w/ radiography option)

1500 psig
Max Temperature

1500 & 3000 W: 150°C

6000 W: 200°C

Viton seal: 200°C

Kalrez seal: 300°C

Viton seal: 200°C

Kalrez or metal seal: 300°C