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High Capacity DLI Vaporizer

Complete vaporization-on-demand for high water vapor flow rates.

Vaporization technologies were unable to provide a viable solution for the industry until Brooks Instrument introduced its 2nd generation DLI heat exchanger technology, called DLI High Capacity Vaporizer (DLIHV). The DLIHV system offers one of the highest capacity vaporizers in the industry. The 6000W model consistently and reliably delivers water vapor mass flow rates up to ~5 kg/hr (83 g/min). The atomizer design provides a more favorable liquid-to-gas ratio, reducing the flow rate of carrier gas per mass of liquid precursor.

Our proprietary atomizer exponentially multiplies the specific surface area of an inlet fluid by creating millions of sub-10 micron size droplets through the use of a supersonic shock front caused by the rapid expansion of a carrier gas through an orifice. Increasing the fluid's surface area improves the heat transfer efficiency. The 316L stainless steel atomizer, with removable orifice, is a fully serviceable, interchangeable component sized for the desired fluid and mass flow rate.


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  • Water vapor mass flow rates up to ~5 kg/hr (83 g/min)
  • Heat exchange coils and heating elements cast in aluminum outer shell offer optimal heat transfer efficiency
  • Wetted materials made from 316L SS (optionally electro-polished, passivated or titanium)
  • Atomizer generates superfine aerosol droplets (<10µ inch diameter)
  • Optional design without atomizer for fluids that easily vaporize
  • Liquid precursor flow rate controlled by inlet liquid mass flow controller
  • Multiple, configurable vaporizer models


Aluminum outer shell delivers:

  • Homogeneous, stable temperature distribution
  • Reduced risk of thermal composition of liquid
  • No liquid carryover into process chamber
  • Prolonged heat exchanger lifetime
  • 316L SS materials resist corrosion and ensures process cleanliness
  • Atomizer increases surface area and heat transfer enabling complete vaporization at lower temperatures
  • Design without atomizer reduces cost of system
  • Inlet liquid MFC provides rapid response to changing vapor set points provides “vapor-on-demand”
  • Multiple vaporizer configurations accommodates wide range of liquid properties
  • Modular design enables easy modification from application to application


  • Functional coatings (e.g., TiN, SiC)
  • Thin-film chemical vapor deposition systems (CVD, ALD) used in semiconductor, fiber optic and industrial coatings
Product Type




Integrated design for high vapor capacity requirements, especially DI water

Vaporization Method
Flash vaporization with/without atomization
Fluid Type
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

1500 W Models: 15 gm/hr (water equivalent)

3000 W Model: 30 gm/hr (water equivalent)

6000 W Model: 83 gm/hr (water equivalent)


Dependent on inlet liquid flow controller

Response Time

Dependent on liquid flow controller

Heater Power
1500 W, 3000 W, 6000 W
Max Pressure
1500 psig
Max Temperature

1500 & 3000 W: 150°C

6000 W: 200°C

Leak Integrity
1 x 10-9 cc/sec helium
Differential Pressure Range
(1.2 x Outlet Pressure) + 10 psi
Wetted Materials

Standard: 316L stainless steel

Optional: Titanium

Seal Material

Viton® fluoroelastomer or 

Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer


Enclosure: Painted aluminum

Base Plate: Aluminum

Connection Types
Universal female panel jack (for thermocouples)

Carrier Gas Inlet: 1/4” or 1/2” tube compression or male VCR

Liquid Inlet: 1/8” or 1/4” tube compression or male VCR

Vapor Outlet: 1/4” or 1/2” male VCR or tube stub

Power Requirements

120 or 240 Vac

Environmental Compliance

RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU)

Differentiator Vapor Flow Capacity


Vapor Flow Capacity


Vapor Flow Capacity


Vapor Flow Capacity


Fluid Type DI Water (primarily) & other precursors DI Water (primarily) & other precursors DI Water (primarily) & other precursors DI Water (primarily) & other precursors
Heater Power 1500 Watts 1500 Watts 3000 Watts 6000 Watts
Max Vapor Capacity 15 gm/min (water vapor) 15 gm/min (water vapor) 30 gm/min (water vapor) 83 gm/min (water vapor)
Max Temperature 150° C 150° C 150° C 200° C
Power Requirements


120 Vac


240 Vac


240 Vac


240 Vac

FilenameFile TypeDocuments By Language
Data Sheet pdf English
Installation & Operation Manual pdf English
0254 Series
Controls and powers up to 4 devices