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Can insights into metrology help sustain your MFC’s performance?

We have the answers here.

Download “Understanding MFC Metrology & Calibration”

Understanding the role calibration plays in long-term MFC performance – and what steps you should take to ensure proper calibration – can help sustain bioprocessing results. This new Brooks Instrument Biotechnology eBook takes you through the key steps to ensure your approach to calibrating bioreactor MFCs is accurate and on-target.

Highlights include:

  • The key elements of MFC accuracy and why calibration is important
  • How MFC calibration reference standards are used… and why selecting the right standard matters
  • The role that “uncertainty” plays in establishing and calibrating MFCs
  • Factors that can lead to improper calibration

Written by Brooks metrology experts, this new FREE eBook was created specifically to help biotechnology OEMs and end-users understand the issues associated with maintaining bioreactor MFC calibrations.