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Adrie Kelderman

Technical Helpdesk Engineer

Aldre Kelderman is a technical helpdesk engineer at Brooks Instrument. He is a senior member of our European team located in The Netherlands.

Albert Harvey

Director of Industrial Sales

Alexandra Liso

Global Product Manager

Alexandra is a product manager at Brooks Instrument for mass flow and pressure control products for semiconductor applications. With a BS in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University, she combines her product knowledge and technical background to help customers find the best solutions for their application needs. Alexandra has been with Brooks Instrument since 2014 and is passionate about working with new technologies and products.

Joe Dille

Lead Mechanical Engineer, Product Engineering Group

Art Nagahashi

Regional Sales Manager

Art joined Brooks Instrument in 1992 as an engineer in our Japan manufacturing facility. He soon returned to the U.S. where he became part of the sales team focused on the semiconductor industry. Art is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has built a broad base of knowledge and flow expertise throughout his career, transitioning his sales focus to industrial companies for the last 20 years.

Bill Reagan

Director of Industrial Sales, Americas

Bill Reagan has been the Director of Industrial Sales for the Americas at Brooks Instrument since 2014. He has over 30 years of industrial sales experience in process instrumentation and fluid control industries.

Brandon Kulp

Applications Engineer

Brandon Kulp is the newest addition to the applications engineering team at Brooks Instrument. He is a recent graduate of Lehigh University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering. In his free time, Brandon enjoys most outdoor activities including baseball - he was a pitcher on the Lehigh University baseball team.

Nick Kehl

Applications Engineer

Christine Batycki

Global Marketing Communications

Christine Batycki has managed global marketing communications at Brooks Instrument since 2012. Her passion for growth and solving problems for customers comes from 20 years in product management and marketing for the automotive industry and process control instrumentation.

Darren Weinhold

Global Product Manager

Dirk Helpertz

Sales Manager - Germany & Austria

Eric Pipal

Business Unit Leader - Industrial Products

Eric Pipal is the business unit leader for the industrial products business at Brooks Instrument.  In addition to his knowledge of Brooks Instrument products and applications, he brings more than 15 years of experience in the flow instrumentation industry.

George Durie

Technical Service Engineer

George Durie is a Technical Service Engineer who has been with Brooks Instrument for over 15 years. He has a passion for helping customers across a range of issues including troubleshooting and training on mass flow controllers and calibration software tools.  George has extensive field experience in various industries over the past 25 years and he applies that experience in his understanding of the customer field issues that are encountered every day.

Howard Kramer

Senior Applications Engineer

Howard Kramer is one of the most senior applications engineers at Brooks Instrument, serving our customers for 40 years.  His expertise is thermal mass flow and pressure control products and his passion is appropriately applying an MFC to handle the customer’s application. Howard is a Corvette enthusiast and a Trekkie!

Jan Christensen

Regional Manager, Northern Region

Jan Christensen has nearly 40 years of experience in precision flow and pressure control instrumentation. Jan has worked extensively in oil and gas, biotech, and semiconductor industries as a flow, technical, and application expert. He is a global traveler, fluent in Danish, German, and English, and has visited every continent except for Australia. Jan has a diploma in materials management from Seneca College and a diploma in electronics from Sheridan College.

Jay Foster

Application Engineer - Brooks Instrument

Jim Dillon

Global Product Manager

Jim Dillon has been the product manager for variable area products (rotameters) at Brooks Instrument since 2001.  His enthusiasm for successfully assisting people with variable area products is attributed to his extensive knowledge and flow expertise.

Joerg Riedel

Business Development Manager, Industrial Thin Films Coating Market

Joe Sipka

Business Development

Joe is the Global Business Development Manager for Brooks Instrument, focusing on the BioTech and Life Sciences Industry. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Florida, and has been with Brooks for over 17 years in various global technical, metrology, applications and commercial roles. 

Michael Lamarra

Global Product Manager

Michael Lamarra is the Global Product Manager for vaporizers, capacitance diaphragm gauges and high temperature mass flow controllers for semiconductor applications at Brooks Instrument. He has over 25 years of microelectronics industry experience in capital equipment, components and materials companies.

Nigel Glover

Regional Sales Manager

Nigel is a regional sales manager for Brooks Instrument in the Atlanta area with more than 30 years of experience with industrial fluids and flow control applications. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kostas Sklikas, MBA

Global Product Marketing Manager, Variable Area Industrial

Peter Trivelli

Variable Area Product Manager

Saskia Hantsche

Business Development Specialist, Germany

Saskia is a business development specialist in Germany and also supports biotech business development in Europe. She has a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Seksan Dheandhoo recently joined Brooks Instrument as a metrologist. He holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Pittsburgh and has over 25 years of industry experience.

Shelly McWilliams

Global Product Manager

Shelly is the global product manager for thermal mass flow controllers at Brooks Instrument, serving customers in a variety of industrial markets.

Stephanie Arot

Technical Service Engineer

Stephanie is a technical service engineer for mass flow controllers at Brooks Instrument, with subject matter expertise in the EtherCAT® protocol.

Steve Kannengieszer

Director of Marketing

Steve has been with Brooks Instrument since 1990, previously working for Ametek and Unisys, and now has over 25 years of experience with process control instrumentation. Steve holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and an MBA in Marketing from Temple University. Steve and his wife Sherrie live in an old farm house just a few miles from Brooks Instrument’s headquarters in Hatfield, PA. When he is not working he enjoys working on the house, travel, scuba diving, tennis and spending time with the grandchildren.

Tench Forbes

Global Product Manager

Tim Romanik

Senior Applications Engineer

Tim is an applications engineer at Brooks Instrument. Previously, he served as a machinist and later repaired and calibrated devices, building a wealth of experience for the last 44 years. When he’s not talking to customers about flow meters, Tim enjoys hunting, fishing and all types of motor sports.

Tom Powers

Regional Manager - Industrial South