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GF120 Mass Flow Controllers Now Available with Safe Delivery System

Brooks has unveiled the next era of its GF Series mass flow controllers. Our GF120 mass flow controllers now come with a Safe Delivery System (SDS®). The GF120 SDS is a low-pressure drop mass flow controller that delivers sub-atmospheric SCS gases used in implant and etch processes. They are available in full-scale flow ranges of 4 to 25 sccm (GF120XSL) or >25 sccm to 1 slpm (GF120XSD). Sub-atmospheric SCD gases are adsorbed onto a solid medium within the gas cylinder. They remain below atmospheric pressure despite containing up to 15 times more dopant than conventional pressurized sources. Most mass flow controllers need a 50 Torr differential pressure at flow rates of 5 sccm. But at that rate, only about 65 percent of the dopant can be extracted at normal operating temperatures. The GF120 SDS' low-pressure operation enables 30 percent more of the dopant to be extracted. This increases cost savings in SDS gases and equipment. For more information about the GF120 SDS, click here.

Alexandra Liso
Global Product Manager

Alexandra is a global product manager for mass flow and pressure control products for semiconductor applications at Brooks Instrument.

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