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Instrument Calibration & Service

The Brooks Factory Service Advantage

How does our comprehensive service offering differ from third-party repair and service providers? At Brooks, we utilize the same metrology standards, work instructions, equipment and custom software as our manufacturing processes used to produce your instrument when it was manufactured. In addition, our comprehensive Factory Service program offers:

  • Factory-based product and application specialists with in-depth application experience and product-specific training, and who are a single point of contact with insight and skills available nowhere else
  • Phone support by qualified applications engineers, who can assist in instrument selection, configuration and end-user maintenance challenges
  • Specialty Gas Lab simulates your operating conditions to troubleshoot process challenges
  • Class 100/1000 clean rooms are available to support service and repair activities
  • All calibrations performed using industry traceable equipment
  • Comprehensive failure analysis evaluations and reports
  • Online RMA system lets you check the status of an RMA 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Service Options

Brooks offers multiple service levels:
  • Level 0 Service - Basic repairs
  • Level 1 Service - Clean and calibration
  • Level 2 Service - Reconfiguration and recalibration
  • Level 3 Service - Full repair, rebuild, and recalibration

Why recalibrate?

All instrumentation and process equipment is subject to wear and tear – from temperature changes, mechanical stress, component tolerance shift, erosion, contaminant buildup, oxidation and other influences. When you trust Brooks to recalibrate your devices, you will be able to:

  • Verify and ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Increase production yields
  • Optimize process resources
  • Ensure process consistency
  • Provide repeatable results and peace of mind

Outside The Americas

Access our Global Service Network to find the location nearest you along with their return procedures.