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If you need to change your process fluid and want to experiment with how the process is impacted by putting a different fluid through it, here’s how:

Correcting VA for Different Operating Density

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  • Allow the device to be powered for at least 45 minutes so the electronics will be at normal operation condition.
  • Using your process fluid, set VOR (valve override) open to start flow and fill the Quantim.
  • If process fluid is liquid, allow to flow long enough to purge any air or gas bubbles from the lines and device. On very low flow devices, cycling the valve between 0 and 100% repeatedly may aid in removing entrapped gas from the device.
  • Close down stream shut-off valve.
  • Wait approximately 2 minutes for flow signal to drop to zero.
  • Set VOR off and Setpoint to 0 and wait for signal stabilization.
  • Device should be full of liquid with no pressure differential and no vibration.
  • Press Zero button until Status LED flashes RED.
    • Successful Zero = Green LED
    • Failed Zero = Red LED (cycle power)

Note: Zero command will only be accepted when flow = <1% and there is no vibration. Otherwise it will fail and the status led will go red.

  • Brooks MFC output is NOT a loop powered output.
  • Output is sourced by the MFC.
  • Brooks MFC input requires a specific type of output card. (DC Sourcing Output Card)
  • Refer to the IOM Manual for details on wiring requirements.
MFC Output Diagram