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SLA Series Mass Flow Controllers with PROFINET

Brooks Instrument has been innovating thermal mass flow technology for decades. Now, the industry-leading SLA5800 & SLAMf mass flow controllers (MFCs) from Brooks Instrument are available with PROFINET.

Engineered to deliver superior long-term drift stability, high accuracy and repeatability, the new PROFINET enabled SLA5800 & SLAMf digital mass flow controllers make it easier to network and deliver rich data to your PLC or DCS for enhanced process control:
  • Choose from a broad array of advanced alarms and diagnostic functions
  • An embedded Web-based interface enables easy set up and configuration
  • Real-time diagnostics information supports predictive maintenance

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SLA & SLAMf Mass Flow Controllers with PROFINET

When connecting the MFCs to your network, the embedded Web-based Interface makes setup and attribute configuration simple. Later on, diagnostics and troubleshooting are easily accessible - a laptop and browser are all you need.

Device Health Check, System Monitoring and Troubleshooting made easier

Setup your SLA Series mass flow controllers with PROFINET to read multiple variables simultaneously such as flow, totalized flow, temperature, valve drive and more via the web-based interface. The MFC can then communicate that information at ultra-fast speeds to the PLC or DCS or other devices on the network for further action in real-time. This data may provide insight for device or machine-health and be useful for troubleshooting.

Predictive Maintenance made easier

Predictive maintenance and process quality are enhanced by having a broad array of thresholds and alarms that can be set and monitored in real-time by these intelligent Brooks Instrument MFCs. This enables you to improve overall equipment effectiveness and flexibility by planning better for service times and reducing unproductive downtime.

In addition, the embedded web-based interface helps you set up calibration intervals and track firmware updates as well as instrument exchanges.

To learn more, please read our e-book or visit our website for more resources.

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Read about the advantages of state-of-the-art network protocols. Our e-book provides you with important considerations and application examples.

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