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Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters

Durable and accurate flow measurement for high-pressure and extreme temperature applications.

Durable and accurate industrial flowmeters for fluid measurement in high-pressure and extreme temperature applications.

Armored to deliver repeatable, reliable flow measurement in demanding high-pressure, high-temperature applications, metal tube variable area flowmeters from Brooks Instrument set the global standard for rugged durability and sustained accuracy.

Globally approved for use in hazardous environments, metal flowmeter (variable area flowmeter) manufacturer Brooks offers a range of metal tube flowmeters that include corrosion-resistant options for metering aggressive fluids and multiple connection options to make it easier to interface our meter into existing industrial systems. Engineered for long-lasting performance, Brooks high-pressure water or gas flowmeters deliver excellent meter repeatability to help accurately measure and precisely control complex industrial processes.

Key Applications

  • Basic liquid, gas or oil flow measurement
  • Rotating equipment flow measurement
  • High-pressure flow meters for offshore oil platforms
  • Chemical injection
  • Purge liquid or gas metering

Select the metal tube variable area flowmeter that best meets your project requirements.