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High & Ultra-High Purity Gas Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Challenge: Maximize tool uptime and productivity

The reliability and versatile performance of mass flow controllers is fundamental to many semiconductor process tools. Process tools only earn returns on their multi-million dollar investment when up and running; if an MFC drifts beyond crucial set points, or new fabrication processes require multiple gases (and multiple MFCs), downtime for changeovers and/or recalibration or repair escalates.

Solution: Advanced MultiFlo®-capable GF Series MFCs

Accurate, repeatable delivery of process gases with ultra-high levels of purity – that’s the performance the GF Series of metal seal mass flow controllers and meters provides. The GF Series has been marathon tested to seven times semiconductor industry standards for reliability. An all-metal flow path and corrosion-resistant Hastelloy® sensor ensures the highest level of gas purity and moisture-free flow. And the unique programmable MultiFlo® technology enables one MFC to support thousand of gas types and range combinations.

The result: increased process flexibility and efficiency combined with the industry’s highest levels of process gas purity to help maximize yields and productivity.