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122 Series Mechanical Pressure Gauges for Gases

Reliable, efficient local pressure monitoring for high-purity applications.
Models S122 / C122

The Brooks Instrument 122 Series mechanical pressure gauges were designed and developed for the demanding high-purity applications of the semiconductor industry. Made of stainless steel, our mechanical pressure gauges feature an accuracy of 1% of full scale. These two inch gauges are durable measuring devices that come in a variety of process connections, pressure ranges, and socket orientations, offering a reliable and efficient way to monitor pressure locally.  Get precise, high-performance results from the world's leading pressure gauge supplier.


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122 Series Data Sheet


  • Stainless steel movement providing precision performance
  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts
  • Gauges welded in oxygen-free chambers to meet rigid cleanliness and safety guidelines
  • Variety of models and pressure ranges to support specific design needs


  • Mechanical pressure gauges offer durable and efficient ways to monitor pressure locally


  • Gas delivery systems and tools used for semiconductor processing, including:
    • Bulk gas
    • Gas cabinets
    • Gas distribution
Product Type
Mechanical Pressure Gauges


Pressure Range

- 30" - 4000 psi

1% Full Scale
Burst Pressure
Proof Pressure
Safety Relief
Unrestricted rear blow-out plug
Helium Leak Check
4 x 10-9 Inboard Std. cc/sec
Cleaned for oxygen service to ANSI B40.1 level IV specifications
300 Series Stainless Steel, electropolished
Bezel & Lens Material
One-piece polycarbonate, screw-on
Socket Material
316L Stainless Steel

300 Series Stainless Steel

Bourdon Tube
316L Stainless Steel
Process Connections

Face-seal male, Face-seal swivel male,

Face-seal swivel female and 1/4" NPT male

White with Black markings, "Use no Oil" is red
Surface Finish

Not Applicable

S122 C122
Differentiator Socket Orientation Socket Orientation
Pressure Range Vacuum - 4,000 psi Vacuum - 4,000 psi
Accuracy 1% FS 1% FS
Socket Orientation Stem Mounted

Center Back Mounted

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