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VersaTorr BVT100 Series Vacuum Gauges

Ultra-wide range vacuum measurement

VersaTorr BVT100 Series vacuum gauges offer best-in-class performance and have established new standards by extending the useable measuring range for thermal conductivity vacuum gauges by 1-3 decades.

Based on cutting edge MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) sensor technology, the design of VersaTorr BVT100 Series vacuum gauges is combined with a novel precision digital signal processing architecture and advanced innovative measurement algorithms. Together with precision automated manufacturing and calibration processes, these elements in combination provide a unique product capable of uncompromised measurement performance.

The well-known gas dependency in the rough vacuum range of thermal conductivity gauges has been eliminated by integrating a MEMS diaphragm sensor that offers precision performance comparable to more expensive capacitance manometers. This feature ensures more accurate control of vacuum system venting processes and can prevent over-pressurization of the vacuum system.


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BVT100 Series Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

  • Available in two models, BVT100 measures from atmosphere to 7.5 x 10-7 while BVT125 includes an atmospheric switch.
  • These vacuum gauges simplify system design, save space and costs by minimizing the need for multiple vacuum gauges and a separate atmospheric switch.
  • Ultra-wide measuring range of 9 decades
  • Advanced digital signal processing provides unmatched price performance ratio
  • Gas independent diaphragm sensor from 2 to 1333 mbar
  • Easy configuration via Brooks Vacuum Transducer Communicator USB programmer
  • Ultra-Stable Zero-point drift compensation
  • Optional solid state setpoint relay for process control


  • Load locks
  • Transfer chambers
  • Forelines
  • Vacuum roughing lines
  • Thin film processing
Product Type
Dual Sensor: MEMS Pirani & Piezo Diaphragm

Enhanced accuracy with wide operating range for reliable pump down and base pressure measurement

Ambient - 50 oC
Pressure Range

7.5x10-7 Torr through 1000 Torr


7.5x10-5 to7.49x10-3 Torr: ±5%

7.5x10-3 to7.49 Torr: ±5%

7.50 to 7.49 Torr: ±1%

75 Torr to 1000 Torr: ≤±0.5%

Measurement Range
9 decades
Temperature Effect

Ambient - 50 oC

Exposed Materials
304 Stainless steel, Kovar, glass, silicon, nickel, aluminum, SiO2, Si3N4, gold, Viton®, low out-gassing epoxy resin, solder, RO4305
Over Pressure Limit
10 bar absolute
Analogue Communication

0.5-9.5 Vdc (1V per decade)

Digital Communication



Electrical Connection

9 Pin D-sub male

15 pin HD D-sub male

15 pin HD D-Sub male / dual analog out

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 3K

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 5.1K

6 pin Hirschmann, ID res 9.1K/11.1K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 27K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 36K

8 pin RJ45 / FCC68, ID Res 43K

Power Supply / Consumption
240 mW (max)
Directive EU 2015/863 EMC directive 2014/30/EU
Filename File Type Documents By Language
Data Sheet - BVT100 pdf English
Data Sheet - BVT125 pdf English
Installation Manual - BVT100 pdf English
Installation Manual - BVT125 pdf English