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Metal Sealed Pressure Controllers

Stable pressure control and enhanced process gas purity. Maximized process results.

Metal sealed pressure controllers from Brooks Instrument are designed to be reliable and durable while delivering the sustained and proven accuracy users worldwide count on from the leader in fluid measurement and control. Our electronic pressure controllers utilize the core control technology present in our industry-leading thermal mass flow controllers.

Electronic pressure controllers eliminate the droop and hysteresis associated with traditional mechanical spring diaphragm pressure regulators. And, choosing a metal sealed pressure controller brings enhanced purity of the gas due to elimination of oxygen permeation through elastomers, with a reduction in maintenance since metal seals will last indefinitely.

Brooks pressure controllers are available with internal pressure sensors to control pressure in a range from torr to 500 psig. The result: pressure controllers that keep critical semiconductor processes on-target and under the most stringent control – hour after hour, day in and day out.

Key Applications

  • Silicon semiconductor device fabrication processes – Etch, Strip, CVD, ALD, PVD, Epi, Diffusion, Implant and RTP
  • Compound semiconductor device fabrication processes – MOCVD
  • Precision engineered surface coatings
  • Analytical systems
  • Vacuum processes applications

Select the pressure control device that best meet your project requirements.


PC100 Series
PC100 Series
Product Type Pressure Controller

Control Mode: Downstream or Upstream

Ultra-High Purity

Digital Pressure Control

Pressure Control Range

> 2 to 100%

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

10 slm (N2 or H2 only)


Pressure Reading: ± 1% of reading

Pressure Control: ± 0.2% of F.S. <10% F.S.; ± 1% of reading >10% to 100% F.S.

Flow Reading: ± 0.35% of F.S. 2-35% F.S. ; ± 1% of reading >35% F.S

Response Time

< 1 sec typ. (excluding system time constant)


< ±0.2% F.S.

Seal Material Metal
Level of Purity / Surface Finish

5 µ inch Ra

Diagnostic Capability Available

Analogue Communication

Digital Communication


RS485 L-Protocol