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GP200 Series Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

All of the performance. None of the limitations.

GP200 Series is the first fully pressure-insensitive pressure-based mass flow controller (P-MFC) designed specifically for advanced Etch and Deposition processes in semiconductor manufacturing.

The GP200 Series P-MFC features a patented architecture that overcomes the limitations of conventional P-MFCs to provide the most precise process gas delivery even when delivering low vapor pressure process gases. It includes several unique design aspects, including an integrated differential pressure sensor coupled with a downstream valve architecture enabling the most precise process gas delivery over the widest range of operating conditions in the industry.

Since GP200 Series supports such a broad range of process conditions, it can be used as a drop-in replacement and upgrade for many traditional P-MFCs and thermal MFCs. It reduces the complexity and cost of ownership of the gas delivery system because it eliminates the need for components such as pressure regulators and transducers.

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GP200 Series Data Sheet


  • True differential pressure measurement
  • Lower inlet pressure operation
  • Downstream valve architecture
  • Matched transient response
  • Zero Leak-by Control Valve
  • MultiFloTM technology offers unparalleled flexibility—one device can be programmed for thousands of different gas and flow range configurations without removing the MFC from the gas line or compromising accuracy
  • Local display indicates flow, temperature, pressure and network address
  • DeviceNetTM, EtherCAT®, RS-485 L-Protocol and analogue interfaces


  • By removing the requirement to match and compensate two separate pressure transducers, the GP200 differential pressure technology reduces measurement uncertainty for enhanced accuracy, repeatability and drift performance.
  • Safer fab operation at lower inlet pressures is now achievable with a P-MFC due to the GP200 differential pressure sensor that is specifically optimized for low differential pressure measurement.
  • The downstream valve architecture ensures accuracy is independent of downstream pressure, enabling flow delivery into pressures as high as 1200 Torr. The fast closing valve addresses non-productive recipe wait times, or "tail effects," seen in upstream MFC valve designs that require additional time to bleed down their internal volume of gas.
  • Ultra-fast, highly repeatable ascending and descending flow stabilization time enables tighter process control in advanced high cycle Deposition and Etch processes.
  • 100X improvement in valve shut-down
  • With MultiFloTM, MFC full scale flow range can be re-scaled down typically by a factor of 3:1 with no impact on accuracy, turndown or leak by specifications, for optimum process and inventory flexibility 
  • Convenient user display and independent diagnostic/service port aids device installation, monitoring and troubleshooting

Key Applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Etch
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)
  • Gas flow control applications that require a high purity all-metal flow path
    Product Type

    Mass Flow Controller


    Fully Pressure Insensitive P-MFC

    Most Precise Process Gas Delivery Over the Widest Range of Operating Conditions

    Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

    3 sccm - 50,000 sccm


    Zero Leak Valve

    1% S.P. (5-100% F.S.)

    0.05% F. S. (0.5-5% F.S.)

    Metal Seal Valve

    1% S.P. (5-100% F.S.)

    0.05% F. S. (2-5% F.S.)

    < ±0.15% S.P.
    Response Time

    280 ± 20 ms Matched Transient Response, for any ascending or descending non-zero setpoint

    Multi-Gas & Range Configurability
    MultiFlo™ Standard
    Pressure Transient Insensitivity

    <± 1% S.P. up to 40 psi/sec inlet pressure spike

    Control Range

    Zero Leak Valve

    0.5 - 100% F.S.

    Metal Seal Valve

    2 - 100% F.S.

    Number of Bins

    Nine (9) standard bin ranges

    Zero Stability
    < ±0.15% F.S. per year

    Flow Temperature Coefficient

    Zero: 0.005% F.S. per °C

    Span: 0.05% S.P. per °C

    Seal Material


    Level of Purity / Surface Finish
    5µ inch Ra avg
    Wetted Materials


    Hastelloy C-22

    316/316L Stainless Steel

    304 Stainless Steel



    Valve Options

    Normally Closed

    Max Temperature
    Differential Pressure Range

    Min: 7 psid

    Max: up to 50 psid

    Max Pressure

    150 psia

    Diagnostics & Display
    Diagnostic Capability

    Status Lights


    MFC Health

    Network Status





    Network Status

    RS-485 (analog)

    Network Status


    Process Control Deviations



    *For full list of alarms see supplemental communication manuals

    Diagnostic / Service Port

    RS-485 via micro-USB


    Top Mount Integrated LCD

    Viewing Angle: Rotatable

    Viewing Distance: 10 feet

    Units Displayed: Flow (%), Temp (°C), Pressure (psia, kPa)

    Resolution: 0.1 (unit)

    Analogue Communication

    0-5 Vdc

    Digital Communication



    RS-485 L-Protocol

    Electrical Connection

    Analog/RS-485 via 9-Pin "D" connector

    DeviceNet™ via 5-Pin "M12" connector

    EtherCAT® via RJ45 jacks, Power via 5-pin M8 connector

    Power Supply / Consumption

    Analog/RS-485 L Protocol: 6 Watts max @ ±15 Vdc (±10%) or +24 Vdc (±10%)

    DeviceNet™: 545 mA max @ +11-25 Vdc, 250 mA max @ 24 Vdc

    EtherCAT™: 360 mA max @ +18-30 Vdc, 270 mA max @ 24 Vdc

    (Under typical operating conditions)


    2014/30/EU EMC Directive EN:61326-1: 2013

    Environmental Compliance

    2011/65/EU & 2015/863/EU RoHS Directive

    EC 1907/2006 REACH Directive

    Filename File Type Documents By Language
    Data Sheet pdf English Japanese Korean
    Installation and Operation Manual pdf English
    DeviceNet™ Supplemental Manual - GP200 Series pdf English
    EtherCAT® Supplemental Manual - GP200 Series pdf English
    RS485 L-Protocol Supplemental Manual - GP200 Series pdf English

    Use the following guide (model code information from data sheet) to translate the CAD configurations available below. If you need assistance or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Applications Engineering or your local Brooks Instrument representative.

    Example: GP200 - Fitting - Communications - STEP

    0250 Series
    Controls and powers up to 4 devices
    Brooks Expert Support Tool (BEST)
    A Windows™ based application providing expanded control of Brooks Instrument MFCs and Pressure Controllers.