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Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers & Meters for Liquids

The most accurate measurement and control for very low-flow rates of liquids or gases.

When you need the most accuracy, consider Coriolis mass flow controllers and meters for your process. A proven technology, Coriolis is a true mass flow measurement rather than inferred based upon a flow measurement.

Key reasons why our Coriolis mass flow devices are widely used:

  • Most accurate mass flow meter available
  • Insensitive to fluid type
  • Variety of enclosure options - up to NEMA 4X/IP66
  • High pressure capability for demanding research applications

Key Applications

  • Catalyst research
  • Liquid precursor delivery to Vaporizers
  • Precision coating
  • High accuracy filling stations
  • Metering pump feedback/control loop


Quantim Series
Quantim Series
Product Type Mass Flow Controller
Differentiator Large installed base with proven long term performance
Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity) 10 - 27,000 gram/hr
Seal Material Metal

Standard Flow Accuracy (below) or [(zero stability/flow rate) x 100]% of rate, whichever is greater

Liquid: 0.2% of rate

Gas: 0.5% of rate

Repeatability ±0.05% or ±[0.5 x (zero stability/flowrate) x 100]% of rate whichever is greater
Response Time

SS Controller: <2 sec

SS Meter: <0.5 sec

Alloy C-22 Controller: <12 sec

Alloy C-22 Meter: <0.5 sec

Diagnostic Capability


Analogue Communication

0-5 Vdc, 4-20 mA

Digital Communication HART