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Cartridge III Valve

For use as a replacement valve with Brooks® purge meters.
Models 947N

The Cartridge III Valve is a multipurpose valve, designed for use with Brooks® purge meters in gas and liquid flow applications. It is interchangeable with previous versions of Brooks valves.

These valves come in three different sizes – low, medium and high flow. The stem is conical tapered at the end and it has two orifice sizes that provide a wide choice of flow ranges for all models. A Teflon piece is crimped into the valve body which gives better setability, repeatability and feel of operation.


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Cartridge Valve III Data Sheet


  • Eight turns open-to-close
  • Large knob
  • Excellent setability and repeatability
  • Rugged design

For Use With

  • 1350G
  • 1350E
  • 1355G
  • 1355E
  • 3750C
Product Type

Three Sizes Available: Low, Medium and High Flow

Wide Choice of Flow Ranges

Eight Turns Open-to-Close

Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)

5.7 - 75.6 slpm

0.176 - 2.04 lpm

0.015 - 0.193

See Capacity Tables in Data Sheet

Max Pressure
2000 psi (138 bar)
Max Temperature
200oC (400oF)
Materials of Construction

Valve Body & Stem
316 Stainless Steel

PEEK Arlon® 1126 15% glass filled

Valve Ring
Teflon® (PTFE)

Standard: Viton® fluoroelastomers
Optional: Buna, Kalrez®, EPR, Teflon®, Butyl

Phenolic (Thermoset)


316 Stainless Steel (body and stem)

O-Ring Materials


Viton® fluoroelastomers


Buna, Kalrez®, EPR, Teflon®, Butyl


Low Flow

Buna O-Ring - P/N: 947N091BMA

Viton® O-Ring- P/N: 947N092BMA

Butyl O-Ring - P/N: 947N093BMA

EPR O-Ring - P/N: 947N094BMA

Kalrez® O-Ring - P/N: 947N095BMA

Kalrez®/Teflon® O-Ring - P/N: 947N096BMA


Medium Flow

Buna O-Ring - P/N: 947N097BMA

Viton® O-Ring - P/N: 947N098BMA

Butyl O-Ring - P/N: 947N099BMA

EPR O-Ring - P/N: 947N100BMA

Kalrez® O-Ring - P/N: 947N101BMA

Kalrez®/Teflon® O-Ring - P/N: 947N102BMA


High Flow

Buna O-Ring- P/N: 947N103BMA

Viton® O-Ring - P/N: 947N104BMA

Butyl O-Ring - P/N: 947N105BMA

EPR O-Ring - P/N: 947N106BMA

Kalrez® O-Ring - P/N: 947N107BMA

Kalrez®/Teflon® O-Ring - P/N: 947N108BMA

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