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0250 Readout Application


The 0250 Series Readout standalone software application is derived from the ‘Application Example’ available in the Brooks LabVIEW™ DLL set of examples. This LabVIEW™ standalone application allows you to drive the 0250 Readout without the need for any LabVIEW™ development environment.

This software will put up a window containing an overview of each channel of the 0250 Readout. The Setpoint and the Valve Override can be changed per channel. Next to using the up/down buttons and the entry field to change the Setpoint, you can also click on any part of the vertical ‘SP’ bar to change the Setpoint. Both the Setpoint (SP) and Process Value (PV) bar will give you a graphical indication of the Setpoint and Process Variable value. Since the baudrate over the serial line is only 9600 baud, updates of the Process Variable, in case of Setpoint changes will not be immediate.

In order to improve the performance you can disable unused channels. During installation, a LabVIEW™ runtime engine will be installed. After installation the application can be started using the following shortcut in the ‘All Programs’ menu:

  • 'Start->All Programs->Brooks Instrument->0251/0254 Readout Application'

Note: The required firmware version of the 0250 Series Readout is V10.05.13 (date syntax or later.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Services or your local Brooks Instrument representative for assistance.


0250 Series Readout Application $name