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Oil & Gas

Oil, gas, fuel mixtures, natural gas, specialty gas

Are you looking for repeatable, accurate gas and liquid flow measurement in a harsh environment? Does your application consist of high pressure and temperatures ranging from low to extremely high? Do you need a flow meter that will support a wide range of flow rates? Our flow meters are used in a variety of applications in oil and gas installations globally and are available with UL, ATEX, IECEx, KOSHA, and CSA certifications for hazardous areas.

Examples of applications:


High Pressure, Hazardous Area Approved Flow Meter for Offshore Oil Drilling

Mud, or drilling mud, is a crucial component in maintaining offshore oil platforms and minimizing operational down-time. Drilling mud is a viscous fluid mixture that is pumped at high pressures from the drilling rig, through the drill pipe and into the seabed. The mud acts as a lubricant, cooling agent to the drill bit, and transporter of rock cuttings.