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Aerospace & Automotive

Automotive, leak testing

The aerospace and automotive industries have high standards for their measurement and test systems. Their customers safety and comfort are at the forefront of everything they do. They demand exceptional performance from measurement and control devices in their R&D, production, and test facilities. Flow measurement and control technologies from Brooks Instrument provide the accuracy and repeatability required by the demanding customers in these markets.

Examples of applications:

  • Component R&D
  • Component Quality / Flow Test (Oil Filter, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump)
  • Component Quality / Leak Test (O-ring’s, Gaskets, Radiator, Hoses, Gas Tank, Brake System, Power Steering System, Space Suites)
  • Hydraulic System Testing
  • Engine Test Stand (Fuel Efficiency, Exhaust Gas Environmental Monitoring
  • Engine Oil Performance Testing
  • Catalyst Development
  • Sealant & Adhesive Dispensing
  • Fluid Reservoir Filling
  • Fuel Cell Test Stand
  • Fuel Cell Reformer Research
  • Solar Cell Production
  • Spray Coating
  • Thin Film Coatings (EV Batteries, Glass, Decorative Trim)

Optimizing the Efficiency of a Fuel Filter Leak Test

Today’s average car contains about 30,000 parts. The parts include everything from large body sections down to the smallest fastener. The overall reliability of any vehicle ultimately depends on the quality of every single one of these components. Many of the components contain or deliver air as well as fuel or lubricating oil.