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Part 1 of 3: Replacing a HART Transmitter with a FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Transmitter on Brooks Instrument MT3809 Metal Tube VA Flow Meters

FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Transmitter Enables Easier Integration with Control Systems

Disassembling the Meter

Since making available the option to specify a FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter with our popular MT3809 metal tube variable area flow meter, customers have recognized that this makes it easier to integrate the meter with their automation control systems across the plant enterprise.

As a result, I have received questions from customers who already have the meter installed in their plant with a HART transmitter but want to change to the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus communicating transmitter.  I created a series of video tutorials to make this communication protocol change easier for you. Before you begin, it is imperative that the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitters are pre-programmed by the factory with device specific parameters. When ordering a new transmitter, ensure you have your device’s serial number available so the transmitter can be programmed prior to shipping.

Now, let’s get started with the tools you’ll need on hand:

  1. Wrench: To remove the cover (optional)
  2. Hex Key .05 Inch: To remove the needle
  3. 2 Millimeter Flathead Screwdriver
  4. 4-5 Millimeter Phillips Screwdriver

Follow the steps below to replace the HART transmitter:

Step 1: Remove the Cover

Use your hand to unscrew the cover. If the cover cannot unscrew easily, you can use the wrench to apply more force.

Step 2: Remove the Bottom and Top Scale

Take the Phillips screwdriver to remove select screws (refer to :19 in the video). It may be helpful to place a basket underneath should any screws fall.

Step 3 and 4: Release the LCD Flatcable and the Needle

Disconnect the LCD flatcable. Then, release the screw under the needle (refer to :51 in the video for a diagram).

Step 5: Disconnect the Wiring

First unscrew the terminal strip. Then, release the wiring from the terminal strip. (refer to 1:28 in the video for a complete diagram).

To view in full screen mode, simply click the YouTube icon after pressing play.


Ready for the second tutorial in this series? View this video to learn how to proceed with the next steps of removing and mounting the transmitters, needle, and LCD flatcable. As always, contact our Technical Services team for local support wherever you are around the globe.

For more information about the Brooks Instrument MT3809 Series Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters, view this page.

About The Author

Adrie Kelderman
Technical Helpdesk Engineer

Aldre Kelderman is a technical helpdesk engineer at Brooks Instrument. He is a senior member of our European team located in The Netherlands.

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