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How to Replace Your Existing Model 3623-21 Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

For years, the 3620 Series metal tube variable area flow meter was the go-to meter for rugged applications of gas and liquids. As times changed, this meter was discontinued and although a drop-in replacement was not feasible, we did design an option to offer a device with the same fit, form and function of Models 3623-21, sizes 7-13.

The Replacement Solution

The solution is to order the MT3809 metal tube variable area flow meter with the flanged elbow option. View the dimensional drawing here.

To size the replacement meter correctly, the following information is needed:

  • Serial number from original meter
  • Overall length and center to center dimensions
  • Complete flow specifications
  • Flange specifications and the orientation of the flanges
  • Whether a transmitter or alarm is needed

For assistance, please contact our Applications Engineering team or your local Brooks Instrument representative.

About The Author

Tim Romanik
Senior Applications Engineer

Tim is a senior applications engineer at Brooks Instrument.

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